The Compass

Circles - The Compass [EP]
May 16, 2011 - Basick Records

1. The Frontline
2. Clouds Are Gathering
4. Eye Embedded
5. The Design
6. Ruins


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Touché! Smile

My only complaint about this: WHYZNIT A FULL-LENGTH??? Smile

4/5 stars

great release, it's really like Faith No More playing djent, vocalist is also very good ala Mike Patton

The Album is out TODAY, Yet I cant seem to find it anywhere to purchase it !!

A-, just because I like clean vocals on occasion Smile. Worth spending money on, imo.

Because nowadays, people often hear albums before their release dates Tongue
also I figured it's not worth the effort to try and set it up that way.

yeah, and why is the vote enabled before the album\ep is released?

Clouds Are Gathering is great; I'm hoping the rest of this EP isn't any different.

How can people rate an ablum they have not heard of? Looking forward to this release, cheers!