Concealing Fate

TesseracT - Concealing Fate [EP]
October 12, 2010 - Century Media Records

part I - Acceptance
part II - Deception
part III - The Impossible
part IV - Perfection
part V - Epiphany
part VI - Origin


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I didnt realized this Concealing Fate stuff was all off an EP! Really cool though, love this band, hate the vocals like always but thats just me.
You keep releasing some instrumentals, then i'll be willing to pay for this!

I've listen this album like a thousand times, and I still didn't get in the new Acceptance version. The ep is UNBELIEVABLE, but I miss the old version instrumental, I miss the Chinas so much.

Before Tesseract came along, I was searching for that one band. That one sound that wasn't like all the other stuff out there. I came across "Djent" a few years ago, and knew that one day someone would come along, refine it, and fulfil its potential. I kept hearing bands using the sound, but they all went down that same "always with the screamy vocals" route. When I first heard Tesseract (I believe with their first vocalist), they completely broke what was fast becoming a really repetitive sound within Djent / Tech / Math circles, and gave me the sound I had been craving! Beautifully performed clean vocals mixed with the kind of guitar tone and song-crafting that can make a grown man cry. (I'm not afraid to admit it, "Concealing Fate Part 2: Deception" literally makes all the hair on my body stand up and brings a tear to my eye in just those first few sections of clean vocals).

Now with Dan behind the mic, they truly are a force to be reckoned with. I think 2011 is going to be the year that the wave of Tesseract breaks really big and floods the world. I am proud to be one of those people grabbing my musical surf-board and riding that wave with them. These guys are going to go far, and then probably even further than that! Laughing out loud


The best album in my CD-collection. Since the release, it's the only album I've listened to. Unbelieveable good. Can't wait for the full-length.


it hasn't been released in the UK yet? it's been out in the states for a while now.

Can't wait for the UK Release, and for the full length release too!! Shock

well worth the wait

2010, we have a winner

If you upload that stuff to Youtube (or any other video sharing site) and submit an article for it Smile Or we can create an article for you, the important thing is to get it up on video sharing site Smile

hey i have some pretty cool live footage of tesseract from a show the other day in st.louis mo. i seen them in a small ass attic type room really awesome show i think there is some new material on there too ive heard most of there stuff thats around and dont recall what i heard at the show before concealing fate being anything ive heard before anyway should i post these videos and if so where? this message is for the site adm. sorry didnt know where else to post it thanx

four years of waiting, just got mine in the mail and this is the best thing i have ever heard. Absolutely full of talent this band is, bloody amazing

Yeah its a great EP, they'll still be releasing their album One somewhere next year though. I can't say it beats periphery's debut and at the dream's edge was 2009 Wink... but you're right, chimp's album was also great! i'd call it last year's second best after Animals as leaders'

This is just a wonderful bit of composition, highly emotive and dynamic. I was disappointed when I heard the band would only be releasing an EP rather than a full-length, but the quality of this release by far makes up for that. This'll certainly keep me happy until the release of a full-length, whenever that'll be. Best release of 2010 for me, very closely followed by At The Dream's Edge.