Demos 2010

Jakub Żytecki - Demos 2010 [Demo]
September 11, 2010 - self-released

Cosmic Mother
Dancing with Endless Love
Energy of Consciousness
Journey through the Hidden Gardens (Part One)
Lucifer's Dance
Magic Box
Message from Atlantis
S.W.I.S Song
Touching the Golden Cloud
Universal Love
Vodoo People (The Prodigy Cover)


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This link doesn't work.
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Thanks for this demo album. It so refresh music, I got rise my inner energy.

I am using WinAce Archiver. Isn't that the same thing is WinRar?

It's a .rar file (similar to the more widely known .zip files) which can be extracted using free programs like 7-zip or WinRAR.

I am unable to extract the files from this. Can anyone extract the files from this and reupload them?

Awesome stuff, I´m very impressed of the 2010 demos...can´t wait to next creations!