Into The Dreamstate

Encircle - Into The Dreamstate [Full-length]
January 11, 2013 - unknown

1. Instances
2. When the Colors Bleed Away
3. Into the Dreamstate (feat. Sarah Longfield)
4. You Were The Tempest
5. As the Horror Unfolds
6. An Awful Image of Calm Power
7. Confessor
8. An Ending Without A Story (feat. Plini)
9. Retribution (feat. Dan Wieten)
10. The Serpent and the Static Between Thoughts
11. The Curse of Consciousness (feat. Mark Hawkins and Chris Vogagis)
12. If The Day Should Come

Guest musicians:
on Track 3: Sarah Longfield
on Track 8: Plini (Halcyon)
on Track 9: Dan Wieten (The Omega Experiment)
on Track 11: Mark Hawkins (Devolved), and Chris Vogagis (Wide Eyes)

*Mixed, Mastered by Chris Purvis (Friend For A Foe)


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