Driven By Entropy

Driven By Entropy - Driven By Entropy [Full-length]
May 24, 2013 - Ampire Records

1. Collateral
2. Anger
3. We Will Never Surrender
4. Void
5. Cause I Say So
6. Are You Alive
7. Escaping
8. No One Survived
9. Lies
10. Collapse

*Mastered by Acle Kahney (ex-Fellsilent, TesseracT)


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I really have to say the album finishes better then it starts. Last five songs are better then the first five. I do understand what you mean, it's not very progressive in the world of chugging... nothing new to report here, but taken for what it is, I quite enjoy it.

I have to say... I have a hard time getting into this, even though I always really liked this band. "Raw old school" hits the point really well. But for me, it is almost a bit too raw old school. In many places it feels a bit like listening to one of the 'pre-djent' (or early Modern Metal) bands that had just discovered the potential of Meshuggah-esque riffing. It feels a bit bare bones.
That said, I don't mean to say that this is bad, it's just like, to listen to it and really have fun with it, I first have to step back and free my mind of all the developments and attached expectations of the last five or so years. Then, it definitely has some good ol' groovy punch to it.

A lot of Fellsilent influence here, which is a great thing. Has a nice raw old school quality to it. It's also very nice to add to the emerging talent that Germany seems to be developing.