Textures - Dualism [Full-length]
September 23, 2011 - Nuclear Blast Records

1) Arms of the Sea
2) Black Horses Stampede
3) Reaching Home
4) Sanguine Draws the Oath
5) Consonant Hemispheres
6) Burning The Midnight Oil
7) Singularity
8 Minor Earth, Major Skies
9) Stoic Resignation
10) Foreclosure
11) Sketches from a Motionless Statue


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awesome fuckin album. never really cared much for these guys but i guess i never really gave them a thorough listening until this album. ill check out their other shit.

this album is for me their better one since Polars,

riffs are much more groovy and parts chain fluently, growls and shouts are the better the bands has had to me,

I still don't like the melodic lead singer style, I would so much prefer a singer influenced by blues and rock'n roll like Phil anselmo, alice in chains... I love math metal (call it djent Wink ) but I still don't undertand these musical influences (melodical etheric singing with no soul, like in textures, vildhjarta, ttesseract, periphery, threat signal, volumes....)

anyway that's just me,

great etheric-djent album Wink

yeah I've heard Exivious, they're okay. but these guys could be a whole lot better, they sound like all the other "boy band/metal band hybrids". It doesn't matter if they were first, because they don't sound different all the trendy bands that came after them. I'm just saying it'd be a whole lot easier to enjoy these guys if they'd release some songs as instrumentals. It's an entirely different fan base.

the first time i heard it straight through, i liked it, but wasn't feeling the Drawing Circles or Silhouettes vibe. however, if you give it a few listens, it gets better and better! This band kicks ass!

Thank you for the site and for the ability to voice what opinion I can. I Love destroying those that feel they can voice a comment that gets protected as an opinion.

Sometimes it just feels soooooo right!

Please refrain from personal attacks. Disagreeing is okay, but you don't need to go around calling people buffoons Tongue

Hey JackHole if you don't having something Thall to say keep up your ass, that's just me. Textures has been around before djent was even a thing for you to come hide under. If you have been listening to them since 'Polars', like I have, you realize how evolved they become.

The vocals have evolved like the music has evolved, like a fine glazed ham. Succulent and juicy, tender to the touch with firm enough outer crisp that brings back the memories of a fine holladay massacre. Your Ignorant.

Now, if they want to make something more accessible to a wider range, then that's their deal. The music and vocals are still accomplishments of skill that hip-hop will never attain.

And how again can a band that's been around since early/mid 2000's be just image???Buffoon. It's almost like the house of djent was built around them. Opinions have them occupying perhaps a smaller room, but they've been here longer than TesseracT, Periphery, Monuments, Animals As Leaders and over-rated Vildhjarta(sorry). -

If you want Textures type of instrumental, check out a project by a few of them and a few members of Cynic in a band called 'Exivious'. Nothing but instrumental!!!

Is there ANY way we could get this instrumental? The vocals are chessy, and yes, I know i'm the only one but still, djent should be about the guitar, not some teenager spouting philosophical nonsense trying to sound poetic (again, that's just me, and that's where hip-hop will almost always beat rock in terms of lyrics).
But yeah, Burning the Midnight Oil is instrumental, and the intro for that song is my favorite on the album. Otherwise I think these guys are all image, and otherwise just following the rest of the crowd- but hey they're making some good money right? You do get more female fans when you have the vocals of a boy band so I guess that's pretty smart...

sounding like the Ocean cannot be a bad thing!

Very good album! Gets better every-time you listen to it. It does sound alot like The Ocean. Is that a bad thing?

album is awesome. listening to it again.

So far its ok...but I dont like the growls too much. It sounds more like The Ocean than djent...

sick!!! it comes out on my birthday!!!\M/

Oh yeah. Can't wait for this one. Been a fan for years.