Veil Of Maya - Eclipse [Full-length]
February 28, 2012 - Sumerian Records

01. 20/200 [1:15]
02. Divide Paths [2:47]
03. Punisher [2:32]
04. Winter Is Coming Soon [2:11]
05. The Glass Slide [3:31]
06. Enter My Dreams [2:53]
07. Numerical Scheme [3:16]
08. Vicious Circles [3:19]
09. Eclipse [2:23]
10. With Passion and Power [4:04]


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Hmmm....i hear a lot of Fear Factory...but waaaay better than FF! Smile

You're right!!!!! I have the same impression!!!!!

Love this album!! sssso brutallll!!!!

totally diggin' the new album! but 28mins? this is one bullshit move...

First two albums had ugly sound. Third album "ID" was awesome. And present album is really shit thing. Don`t eat this shit.

Since Id their songwriting has undergone a huge regression.
This record is less complex and rather uncreative.
Listening to this really bores me. It´s a pity =(

It's a pretty cool album but i hate having to listen so closely to pick up on the coolest riff and rhythms. Also it would be quite a bit better without winter is coming soon, and eclipse. Weak tracks. TCMC is a masterpiece compared to this. All they have is just, Braw naw bree dow do braw, wee nee ne waa na dee duu.

it is awesome, the funny thing is it also helped me appreciate tcmc and id WAAAAAY more, i liked those albums, now i love them Tongue

this album is great. It is what you're asking for, and that is, Veil of Maya! Misha does an excellent job with the production as well. i was never a fan of "Common Man's Collapse" so i was hesitant at first but i was proven wrong.



they were never too much deathcore to begin with

Friendship Marc with Misha make bad effect on the music of Veil of Maya. It has become much more djent and it's sad. Personally I loved them for deathcore which they have little now =(

The song Eclipse is an instrumental song, and my least favorite one they have done. However the rest of the album is AMAZING.

Love this album, but a drawback from it is that they should have replaced The Glass Slide with another song, no point in making a new song that sounds a whole lot like one of their older songs or just take out the parts where it sounds like Mowgli and used another riff.

Saw them play in edmonton a few weeks ago and they played quite a few of their new songs. punisher destroyed. Veil of Maya's new album is something to be anticipated, regardless of how long it is.

VERY bummed this so-called full-length is only 28:11 long! What the fuck?! Even ID is longer than this one! Hopefully there are no instrumental fillers on this one with a playing time that short...

It's going to be one of the best albums of 2012, for sure!