Edge of the Obscure

The Interbeing - Edge of the Obscure [Full-length]
May 2, 2011 - Mighty Music/Target Distribution

01. Elusive Atmosphere
02. Pulse within the Paradox
03. Tongue of the Soiled
04. Face Deletion
05. Fields of Grey
06. Shadow Drift
07. Swallowing White Light
08. In the Transcendence
09. Celestial Flames
10. Rhesus Artificial
11. Ledge of Oblivion


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Perhaps we could get a link to where you purchased it?

Just recently bought their album, and it's so great.
Well done, guys.

i definately hear a Mnemic (like Passenger and Audio Injected Soul) influence with these guys. also a slight Sybreed on the clean vocals. this album is great!

Love the tracks I heard !! But if it's available for Download, Then I don't understand why they say it will be released late 2011 for the rest of the world. Just Put it Up on Itunes already !!

Definitely a very very good addition the Djent genre. For sure...