The enD

Sees - The enD [Full-length]
March 1, 2011 - Self-released

1. Inhale
2. Stare
3. Ungrateful Self
4. Nonsense
5. Slowly
6. Nail Biter
7. Hidden
8. Cripple Me With Despair
9. Candidate


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5 years 28 weeks ago


Good that you changed your mind about the album.


nail biter and criplle me with despair are some of the best songs 2011

Kick ass album. Guitar tones are perfect, drums-excellent, vocals sound fierce. This is one of the best albums you will find here, and for Free? I'd pay for it...Download it....Good shit.

Sounds like the best of djent, served over Meshuggah, with a side of 'f**k yeah.'

WTB Tour + shirt (please) Smile

Well done on such a great release guys, and it's engineered beautifully too. Congratulations \m/

Amazing, but... too much of Meshuggah awesomeness Tongue
Great album.

Nice! But, too much of Meshuggah in there. I really like the production though.


sounds too much like Meshuggah


sounds too much like Meshuggah at times but still very very well done 5/5

Holy shit. Absolutely amazing!



OMG amazing Fuck minded


OMG amazing creation

This album is incredible!