The Contortionist - Exoplanet [Full-length]
August 31, 2010 - Good Fight Music

1. Primal Directive
2. Flourish
3. Expire
4. Contact
5. Advent
6. Vessel
7. Oscillator
8. Axiom
9. Exoplanet I: Egress
10. Exoplanet II: Void
11. Exoplanet III: Light


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One of my favourite albums!!!!

This is one of those albums that you definetely have to hear complete. The strong, catchy and full of atmosphere plot is something that make you dont change from one song to another, just flow through the whole album, in my opinion the best release of 2010, awesome band.

I believe this was released in 2010.
Best release of this album comes very close, I really enjoyed this one.
Best of 2011, hard to say yet, 'The Discovery' comes very close.

this album has those too-good-to-be-true moments.Great stuff

dude i completely agree. prob my favorite album ever. definitely the best of 2011. the tone acheived by this band is absolute mastery. i will never forget their live performance. i will literally never forget the feeling that i got when they got to the climax of the clean part in flourish (even though oscillator is easily my favorite song by them. my buddy and i figured that some songs on exoplanet are better than others, but no song is actually worse than another. haha fuckin contortionist). these guys struck absolute gold with exoplanet and im glad that these guys are just regular humble dudes. i pity those who do not give this band the recognition, appreciation, and respect that they deserve. great album. great band.

Best record of 2010, hands down. This record is perfect. You guys don't disappoint live one bit either.

Don't get the Hype. Some of their songs have amazing atmosphere and the production is sick. But some of the songs bore me quite a bit... Just me though

Favorite release of 2011 and probably the best live show I've ever seen. The guys are nice as hell too

not as good as Painted In Exile's EPs but pretty darn awesome proggy/experimental deathcore

Review up on metal pulse by your truly.


Oh my lord, YES!