Uneven Structure - Februus [Full-length]
October 31, 2011 - Basick Records

Disc One:
1: Awaken
2: Frost
3: Hail
4: Exmersion
5: Buds
6: Awe
7: Quittance
8: Limbo
9: Plenitude
10: Finale

Disc Two:
11: Dew Upon Shapeless Bounds
12: Winds From Untold Memories
13: Promises Of Our Early Days


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I actually listen to that second ambient cd waaaay more than the main album, I really wish the whole thing was instrumental.
It's a lot easier to hear the super well produced instruments without some dude wailing in your face.. I mean that is the whole point of Djent to begin with.

This album is sooo full of atmosphere. I like this more than 8, and that's saying something!

I did buy the cd. I have a few cd's from Basick and I kind of agree. The covers are not so good. Maybe some cheaper paper/cardboard stock or something. Upload the CD to your computer and burn a copy. That way, you can still listen and keep what's left of the artwork.

I just want to say that, yes it's a good album. Vocals aren't bad, etc. but that Basick Records REALLY messed up the cd case. Mine is falling apart, the spine is weak and it has an ugly crease on it, easily the worst digi pack i've ever bought.
I hope Basick re-issues this or something, the cover art is beautiful and it's a shame to see it on such an awful package. Maybe mine was just really bad? Anyone else buy the cd?

One of the best album of 2011, maybe the greatest!

Finally got around to listen to this one, and by far my one of my favorites so far as I discover more djent style bands. They definitely have a unique sound to them. It also took me a while to figure out that the CD is one entire song and not a series of songs.

Also, a really deep concept behind the lyrics and musicality as well, a concept of being thrust into existence; kind of something that is hard to wrap your mind around sometimes so when I figured it out it sent chills down my spine as I listened more and more.

So far my favorite "tracks" are; Frost, Hail, Awe, Quittance and Plentitude/Finale. I share the sentiment that another said earlier as Plentitude leads into Finale is just transcending, spine tingling and even, on my end, euphoric; damn near brought me to tears as it lead into it.


Plentitude leading into Finale is one of the most incredible things I've ever heard. So powerful and yet blissful, it makes you feel like you're flying.


Can't stop listening to "Buds". It's so wonderful. The ominous buildup until the big swell 5 minutes in, then the big droning riff... Love it. I get the comparison to TesseracT, and One is a legendary album at this point, but Uneven Structure is an altogether different beast. They're much more melancholic and the baritone voice is unique in djent (where bands like TesseracT, Periphery, Aliases, etc. all seem to prefer the "screamo" tenor side of the equation). Februus disc 1 gets 5 stars from me Smile

best release of 2011, can't stop listening

Maybe my favourite album ever. Can´t stop listening to.

I had not heard Uneven Structure before being over-whelmed with hype earlier this year. Then Februus was released, I still had not heard anything from them. Reading some comments and reviews, I decided to give this a listen. Finally got it! I had been listening to Vildhjarta and Aliases previously. I now understand it's not just hype! This is official. I side with clean vocals as a side of skill & quality. TesseracT's One is my record of the year! This, Uneven Structure, Februus, without a shadow of a doubt would had been my number one!! During my recent choosings of favorite recordings of 2011, is now being reconsidered!

I am probably going to re-place Means End ep. as a choice. Only because, it is only an ep. not a record to compete with Februus. 20 seconds into the second song I knew I had something special.

Great job men!!!

thanks, i guess i'll do drafts first to ensure quality Smile

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gave this album a 10, i liked this album much more than masstaden, which is also a great album, but imo februus brings many more new elements to djent, also, the album's lyrical and musical concept reverberates with my personaity in a way, if that makes sense? i'm kinda new here, but i can write reviews, right? i'd like to write a few reviews for some of the more recent albums on this site...

Has anyone deciphered what the *really quiet* words are during limbo?

This album is phenomenal. From start to finish, it's packed with musical genius. This has recently become my go-to album for anything - going to sleep, waking up, doing homework, or simply pleasure. Easily my favorite release of 2011 (not just among djent releases), and probably of all time.

Frost-Hail, and Buds-Awe-Quittance are amazing songs.

Hey man, I didn't read this comment but I agree about introducing the casual audience to ambient music. I'm about to post something similar

after listening to februus i did a little analysis of two things--just what draws me to "djent"? and what has"djent" led me to?

while i won't go into everything, what inspired me to post a comment was the thick and plentiful ambience of februus. the amalgamation of all of the sounds on februus is unique and the amount of ambience--present on its own as well as in the background of the full "djent" soundscape--is one of the biggest draws to the sound by comparison to other djent bands. that's not to say they're necessarily my favorite, they just compete best in these areas. (with uneven structure, it's both the ambience, and the grooves which i am drawn to above all else). what i love about ambient music is that it's easy to use it well. i see nothing wrong with that. i don't listen to much ambient music, but out of what i've come across, i've noticed that as with all genres some ambient music is done better than others. uneven structure was the first time and strongest example of while listening to a "djent" record, my mind being drawn to some ambient/drone music which has been a large part of my life for the last five years or so.

i've played these records out and thought: "if it's the ambience that you're drawn too as well, you might enjoy these records"

three albums which epitomize ambient music IMO

Stars of the Lid - And Their Refinement of the Decline
(one of my favorite cds now. been my sleeping music every night for years.)

Sakamoto and Willits - Ocean Fire
Stars of the Lid - The Tired Sounds of Stars of the Lid

this music is dense, minimalist, ambient drone. i highly suggest it. especially if you like the februus bonus disc. just throwin it out there

Can this beat Weightless?? I wish it didn't have vocals... they're okay but I just want to hear those juicy guitars and ambiance!!!

The vocals are what the last guy said, Epic "Metalcore" vocals very similar to M. Shadows, alongside harsh vocals. Very different from their 8 EP where he sounded like Jens Kidman. Overall metalcore vocals are probably the best way to go this day n' age anyway since it appeals a MUCH wider audience then say, Gorgoroth's "Black/Death" vocals or Meshuggah's "drill sergeant vocals".

It's pretty cool though, The album art is really nice and Plentitude sounds more like a worC song then an Uneven one, which was a nice surprise. The songs Exmersion and Limbo are "fake" they're just transition tracks, and the 3 songs on the second disc are ambient so the total number of actual songs here is only... eight (maybe a reference to their last ep?) but I have to listen to the album a few more times to really judge it...

This album is a great way to introduce casual audiences to ambient music. By the way if you like the songs on the second disc you might like one of Aurélien Pereira's side projects: ドモドアルマダ and .hohlraum
I like Aspekt - Réminiscences the most since it actually has a beat. The others are very intense. I'd recommend something by Peter Andersson if you really want to get into some ambient music.
warning: Overheat_ may cause brain damage!

Good album. Doesn't need vocals though... That guy sounds like a mix of the Avenged Sevenfold singer mixed with Opeth's singer. Although it is better then the "emo" Tesseract and Periphery singers, It just sounds juvenile... like i'm back in highschool. So far Meshuggah's the only djent band that has refused to give into that juvenile sound... an homage to classic death and black metal artists I assume.
I really want to buy this, the album art is beautiful and I want to buy this as an Instrumental at the same time I buy Weightless... will that be possible?

Album is so f*cking great !!! This ambient, gitar, drums and VOCAL !!! Beautiful

Just listened to the album and just what others have said, most of the songs tend to blend in together so they just feel like 1 big song and not too much differentiate them

With that said, even if it is 1 big song, it's 1 big but GREAT song

I actually fell asleep while listening to it on my Ipod (which is good because the atmosphere of the songs were very well created and felt so soothing to my ears haha)

the only way to describe how awesome this album is, is with words that dont even exist yet

The 2nd disc is MINDBLOWING.

Jeez what a great band! Vildhjarta have some competition for the best album of the year.

You seem to imply that it's okay to 'steal' music from other artists... what exactly are your criteria to determine which bands are worthy of everyone's money? Seems like a bit of a hypocritical stance, imho Tongue

I can't believe anyone could even consider "stealing" this music. There are certain artists I feel deserve enough respect to justify buying this and not just finding whatever torrent you can to download it without paying anything at all. If you're not sure about the record go and see them as opposed to just stealing it. If you don't enjoy it live you're unlikely to enjoy it on a record. I'm sure it'll only be a matter of time before Basick Records upload the official audio to YouTube anyway, as they have done with other recent releases.

I would like this yesterday...also an instrumental version should be released with every djent album...sometimes a lot of the polyrhythmic sequences and general ambiance is drowned out by good and bad vocals alike.

Anyway we could get an instrumental version? I know it won't be a free release, that'd be dumb I don't know why I typed that. But still, I can't buy this without hearing A LOT first. and by "A LOT" I mean when i'm studying/drawing at school not some "Amazon.com Preview" thing. I'd rather not have to steal it... worC was really cool. I hope this is closer to worC then 8 because that ep was just boring... it's just not as crisp as Obzen.


i feel like a girl at bieber concert when i hear your music

So fucking stoked for this, gonna play it on my phone razzing through the town on my bike and everything! Keep up the good work boys! - James

can hardly wait! februus will be epic

First extract of 'Februus'.


Going to be an amazing album. Quality is top notch (Watch in HD).

I REALLY hope this doesnt sound all muffled like their EP. If it does i'm just gonna have to listen to this at home on the stereo =( I've noticed this with several Djent bands like A-Sync has this problem too.

Can't wait...