Monuments - Gnosis [Full-length]
August 27, 2012 - Century Media Records

1. Admit Defeat
2. Degenerate
3. Doxa
4. The Uncollective
5. Blue Sky Thinking
6. 97% Static
7. Empty Vessels Make The Most Noise
8. Regenerate
9. Denial (ft Spencer Sotelo)

Limited digipak bonus tracks
10. Doxa (instrumental)
11. Denial (instrumental)

iTunes edition bonus track
12. Empty Vessels Make The Most Noise (Paradigm Shift Remix)

Instrumental edition (Bonus disc of Vinyl/Remastered edition):
1. Admit Defeat (Instrumental)
2. Degenerate (Instrumental)
3. Doxa (Instrumental)
4. The Uncollective (Instrumental)
5. Blue Sky Thinking (Instrumental)
6. Memoirs (Instrumental)
7. 97% Static (Instrumental)
8. Empty Vessels Make The Most Noise (Instrumental)
9. Regenerate (Instrumental)
10. Denial (Instrumental)

Vinyl/Remastered edition alternative album artwork


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I loved this album, it's my second favorite progressive metal album of the year after the new Periphery one. The clean vocals are brilliant I thought and the uncleans were good but sometimes weren't as good as they could be. They have a new vocalist now which does great uncleans

I have found it really boring. Not so good in my opinion.

Well-reasoned arguments, all Wink

That's horse shit this version is far better

Some awesome stuff, though I prefer some of the older demos; "Admit Defeat" falls kind of flat on here.

Update regarding "memoirs" posted by Monuments today (9.24.12):

"There will be a memoirs 2.0 soon ...... its been vocally re-written by Matt its nearly finished." - Monuments

Laughing out loud

Got the email from Amazon that my copy shipped (I had it imported). Here's hoping it arrives in tip-tip shape. Really looking forward to having a physical copy of it!~


Edit: Just got it yesterday 9/5/2012. Worth every penny I spend on it!

Also, if they end up releasing a special edition of Gnosis with new lyrics to Memoirs, I'll be over that in a skinny minute.

-- Sixcorez

This album is a beast, I can't get enough of it. Going to be in my personal top 10 metal releases this year and might even usurp my second overall favorite metal band. It will take another release to do that though.

-- Sixcorez

Amazing Album , The best so far of the year. the vocals are amazing

Totally worth waiting!
At first I thought: and those are vocals you searched for for so long? And then I was like: decision understood sir :]
Great album. Don't make us wait for another one with such impatience guys Laughing out loud

Lyrics somewhere?

lol Neema caused for it to come out 1 month later in the US, or whatever made Memoirs be dropped off ha

Do realize that Fellsilent guitarists are now in TesseracT and Monuments, that is why the mellow parts in Gnosis sounds like Tesseract.

Man...Gnosis is worth celebrating. You increased the level of metal exponentially!
I loved the production, all compositions, execution of instruments (all instrumentalists are MASTERS at what they do)everything. Everything else is perfect and far above my expectations.

FUCKING Monuments, congratulations!

Fireworks dudes, Fireworks! Champagne!!!

I don't think it's that simple. Being familiar with Monuments' older material is going to shape your impression of the album, consciously or not. For me, the fact that I've been listening to their older material for two years is not something I can just 'turn off' and forget about. When I listen to Gnosis I am always comparing it with previous incarnations of the material, whether I want to or not, and I do believe I would enjoy the album more if that wasn't the case.

Fantastic album. I'm really happy with the vocalist they chose and it is awesome to hear the music mixed so well. As a musician who always struggles with getting good bass tone on their records I was pleasantly surprised. Just check out The Uncollective (instrumental) on YouTube with some good headphones.
I think the most common reason people have been giving Gnosis bad reviews is that they have become accustomed to the 3 song demo that came out two years ago. It is hard to accept change in something you already love, but it's your decision to embrace the bands progression or be all nit picky and hate on it because it's different than you're used to.

Open your ears and listen to it like it's something you haven't heard before. Because you haven't.

i HATE the production... i know it's typical monuments BUT at least i was hoping for the same lvl as "we are the foundations" (which wasn't super clear an perfect either...). the sound quality is just annoying for me :/
sounds like 128kbps
i'm praying that it's only the crappy quality on and not the actual release

The great thing about this album is actually hearing tracks like Empty Vessels, Doxa and 97% Static for the first time in a recorded format instead of a shit quality youtube live video, Matt does great on all three of those songs, though the album starter Admit Defeat lacks any drive for me, it has a great groove, but other than that, the lyrics do not quite fit the music of the track, therefore giving me an awkward feeling, Degenerate is where everything really kicks off and drives forward for what is to come, Doxa comes smoothly afterward, then the Uncollective comes and smoothly transitions into Blue Sky Thinking, which is another song I feel awkward about, mainly cause it doesn't really flow musically with the songs before it, through Static and Vessels comes Regenerate, which in my opinion is one of their most musical songs on the album, the short but sweet solo adds a touch of splendor to the overall feel of the song, afterwards comes Denial, this one is my favourite considering that thunderous mid song riff, after hearing the whole album through 5 times over, I'd had enough to consider my thoughts and feelings on this album.

I do think this album missed it's window of opportunity, if it had been released last year, it would have been one of the "Foundations" (mind the pun) for the djent scene today, but all things considered, it was worth the wait after all.

8/10 for effort and determination. Smile

Although I still think old double vocals like Mikee Goodman of SikTh are impressive, new vocals Matt Rose is really good and impressive as good as them.

I guess that they, TesseracT and Monuments, are important band in community of djent.
Their old band, Fellsilent, seems popular by some player in djent bands.
So this is special release.

My favorite tracks are Admit Defeat, Doxa, The Uncollective, Blue Sky Thinking.
But I can say I like all tracks because of I've been waiting for really long time!
And personally I really like Milton Keynes' Bands, so I have no reason why I hate them. Tongue


Best track for me is definetely Degenerate, so much groove. Denial was a big letdown, it truly doesn't feel like Monuments, and it's weird because the demo was one of my favorite songs by them. Vocals on Doxa are awesome, but The Uncollective vocals are pretty bad. Matt's best work is Blue Sky Thinking, feels like "his" song, sounds like a ballad of sorts

Finding hard to like the production, the kick is weird, not bad, it almost sounds like clipping on some songs (Regenerate, Denial). The production of the demos for Doxa, Denial, Emtpy Vessels, the 8dio songs, and the Euroblast jingle was perfect. Have a feeling this album tone was done by the mastering engineer with little to no input by Browne who should have mastered it himself imo.

The cover art for this is fucking sick!!

after several listens it only gets better, it truly is "djent up your ass" and quite frankly, i think this album rocks harder than periphery II, butcher me if you think its not ,but hey, its just my humble opinion

some of the mellow parts have that tesseract style but other than that it's not there... but drewsif stalin also used something like that among other bands, and it was before tesseract released their album. hell even vildhjarta had something like it in masstaden.

really good album. meshuggah is one of my top 3 fav bands but Gnosis tops Koloss for album of the year (of what's been released of course) in my book.

@Ellen Djenteres Browne likes to side-chain his kick drum through the mix to add a punchy feel to the riffage. He used to go a little overboard with it but I think he nailed it here.

So washy. The bass drum does that typical monuments demo thing.

Great album, and i disagree with the "tesseract" thing. If you listen to the old Elements demos (really old monuments) you can see the similarities in that more than tesseract. it just sounds like the vocalist needs a lot of effects on his voice for screaming.

No 'Memoirs'... ? :/

Its a decent album, it just sounds too much like Tesseract imo. I was kind of hoping Monuments would take a more original approach on this album but it kind of turned out sounding a little generic, a lot like Tesseract and Uneven Structure. Obviously the instrumental is good, just the songs like The Uncollective and Admit Defeat I feel just flowed better without the ambient vocals in the chorus. I can see a lot of people taking well to Gnosis, just not my cup of tea.

Memoirs won't even be on the US version, as some people thought

i realize that monuments have signed with a new label etc and the producers have a vote in how the final "sound" will be on a record, But why do ALL the new tracks sound NOTHING like the old songs? where did the funk go? i mean "the uncollective" is like a perfect blend of chugging, sliding, polorythmic tapping, funky chords etc whilst the new songs sound more like (hate to say it) tesseract? at least the guitars do. the vocals somehow sounds like the guy from cancer bats, i mean, the epic "rap- growling" duo was fucking iconic. The full- length aint no' full length? "Gnosis" = monuments EP + some new shit.

To add to the confusion, the North American release does not have, 'Memoirs'.

The removal of Memoirs was due to a copyright dispute with Neema, which is a shame because I would have thought the band would have been very careful to avoid anything like that happening. I just assumed that the chorus original lyrics/melody had been kept because they were written by a remaining member of the band, but I suppose not.

I don't know if this is a false alarm or not but it appears as though "Memoirs" will be on the North American version and NOT on the European version. If you go to cmdistro right now, the north american version still has 10 tracks.

I already asked Monuments on facebook, I doubt they'll respond anytime soon. I'm sure we'll all get an answer eventually. Its just pretty lame that the fans who have waited this long aren't going to get the best package off songs possible. I'm guessing there must have been some sort of legal dispute over the track and it will eventually surface, maybe in a further modified version. I'm sure Monuments is pissed also so I'm not blaming them. Whoever is responsible deserves to get flamed though, because this hurts the fans the most. Seems like a pretty petty way to go about getting back at Monuments if this is indeed the fault of the previous vocalists. Who knows. Maybe I'm wrong.

That's a question you'll have to ask the band and/or the label Tongue

What the eff happened to it??

Is incorrect too? That would suck major ballsack if it's not on there.

It was only removed a couple of weeks ago, when they had already started promoting the album release, so they still need to update that. It's not gonna be on the album.

According to cmdistro "memoirs" is on the album. So we can all stop freaking out.

if it's really gone then I hope they re-record it and release it later, I was really looking forward to that song..

Does anybody know why? Several people asked them on their facebook page, but know answer was given by Monuments so far... Still looking forward to Gnosis, but without Memoirs and only 9 tracks it kinda feels a little odd :/

Memoirs is not on the album. This page still needs to be updated with the new tracklisting.

Memoirs is on the album. Dont shit yourself.

If you dont think this is a good album, you dont know djent. Done

so instead of "memoirs" they incl. 2 instrumentals in the regulra pack? oh man... this is so dumb... if there rly r probs with the lyrics, they should've thought about these kind of things earlier...

Crap, apparently they ditched Memoirs from the album??... "Nine tracks of thoroughly modern progressive metal", the tracklist revealed a while ago with Memoirs had 10 tracks

v oh yeah I just noticed too

Seems like "Memoirs" disappeared from the tracklist (see Amazon, CM Distro, etc..). What's up with that? Legal problems with the use of the old lyrics? Damnit Sad

And yes my account is actually a spoiler Smile

Monuments and Basick Records never had an official deal but based on friendship and respect they worked together for quite some time. The Old EP was more or less self released and distributed.

jeah same Smile

@RepressTheSilence They definitely had an arrangement with Basick in the past. Some people claim that the 'We Are the Foundation' EP was released via Basick, though I doubt it due to its very limited stock.