God is an Automaton

Sybreed - God is an Automaton [Full-length]
September 24, 2012 - Listenable Records

1. Posthuman Manifesto (4:49)
2. No Wisdom Brings Solace (4:37)
3. The Line of Least Resistance (4:32)
4. Red Nova Ignition (5:08)
5. God Is an Automaton (5:59)
6. Hightech Versus Lowlife (5:15)
7. Downfall Inc. (5:00)
8. Challenger (4:37)
9. A Radiant Daybreak (5:30)
10. Into the Blackest Light (4:28)
11. Destruction and Bliss (9:44)


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Agreed +1 fellas. I always thought Sybreed was really unique, and now these kind of bands pop up like mushrooms Tongue
Not that that's a bad thing, not at all, I think ''Djent'' is the future for Metal.

Same thing, I've known Periphery and Tesseract ever since they were only a project, and all of the sudden they're the next big thing Tongue kind of funny/cool to see.

On topic, Very strong release, by one of my fave bands.

Agreed. Sybreed has been doing 'djent' longer than Periphery or even Tesseract, technically speaking. Too bad not many people know these facts. Great album.

Amazing album. They mixed the styles of previous works to create a perfect mix for the bands sound on this album. This release has so much to offer. Its dark, its melodic, its technical and atmospheric, yet very accessible to every metal fan or fan of well crafted music in general. Best release of 2012 for sure. Sybreed was in the zone before the djent scene started and im glad to see they are still on top.