Grind the Ocean

The Safety Fire - Grind the Ocean [Full-length]
February 27, 2012 - Inside Out Music

1. Huge Hammers
2. Floods Of Colour
3. DMP (FDP)
4. Anomalous Materials
5. Animal King
6. Circassian Beauties
7. Sections
8. Seagraves
9. Grind The Ocean


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Another big album, love it!

I'm listening to this album for 3 weeks now and I'm still amazed and in love with it.
The incredible drums, awesome vocals, lovely djent guitar licks.
This is 2012 music and far beyond.
I already got my tickets for 11 October in Amsterdam Smile

My god is this album unusual for this site imo, but it's AMAZING!

Ok, so It's after the premiere. I've listened to it somewhere near dozen times. And now comes my question: second album - WHEN? Faster please :]

This is such a great album!

This is brilliant

Awesome album.

Just listened to this and it's an amazing record, I especially loved the vocal production, the screams and cleans all sound magnificent!

The date has been pushed back to April 9th in the UK and 10th in the US.
Pre-order now, and you`ll get a surprise later!

When will this be comming out ?!?!??!

Nom, new The Safety Fire, this should be good like