Hacktivist - Hacktivist [EP]
November 12, 2012 - Self-released

1. New Age
2. Unlike Us
3. Blades
4. Hacktivist
5. Cold Shoulders


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The grooves are perfect! and the idea of rapping over Djent! definitely a opener to music

This is so great! \m/

Absolutely mind-blowing album.

Just say "NO!" for such experiments.

Didn't even bother listening to previews. Bought this at the first moment possible.

The new Unlike Us mix is rageworthy man, the guitars sound sloppy, the original was so much better wtf

This EP is awesome. Even if everyone heard the songs before, I like the little changes that Timfy made on certain songs. A lot of promises in the future for this band. Probably my only complaint would be the lyrics, specially in Unlike Us. If they can come up with some strong lyrics about politics, corruption, etc. that would be the sugar on top!

Set the beginning of change <3

Can't wait (: