Gardenjia - Ievads [EP]
July 20, 2011 - Self-released

1. Gardenjia (05:57)
2. A Beast Called Man (05:59)
3. Stones As Dry Leaves (05:39)
4. Entre Dos Tierras (06:02)


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Hi guys, we have some physical copies of IEVADS our first EP, if you want one hit me up!

This band is awesome

+1,000,000 internetz for doing an Heroes del Silencio cover

I agree, really like the vocals mixed with the off beats. Sounds different

Entre dos tierras is a cover of Heroes Del Silencio, a great spanish rock band of the '90. LOL

Anyway, Gardenjia rules \m/

cool music, guys!!! "Entre dos tierras" reminds me of "sounds good to me" by annihilator hehe \m/

U must play on mellowboat!

AWESOME! Don't low the blind coz we all need good music GARDENJA (s.w.i.b.)

have to agree 100%, now that i've heard it Smile

Very unique and stands apart from all the other clones out there.