The Contortionist - Intrinsic [Full-length]
July 17, 2012 - eOne / Good Fight Music

1. Holomovement
2. Feedback Loop
3. Causality
4. Sequential Vision
5. Geocentric Confusion
6. Dreaming Schematics
7. Anatomy Anomalies
8. Cortical
9. Solipsis
10. Parallel Trance


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Simply amazing <3

I love The Contortionist but your opinion basically speaks the word of this album, completely agree well said

I think Exoplanet is better than this.

I've been listening to this quite a bit. This album didn't strike me as an "instant classic" so to speak, but neither did Exoplanet, come to think of it. I've noticed that The Contortionist needs time to skillfully creep up into the tight spaces of my brain. They surely have their parts which deliver immediate gratification, but the rest of the music they create most definitely [i]is[i] as deep as they apparently strive for it to be. I'm gradually becoming a big fan of these guys, unexpectedly, considering how ambiguous my first impression of them was. Oh almost forgot to mention, does anybody else feel as though these djentlemen have been listening to BTBAM a lot lately? I personally can hear a major BTBAM influence here, especially in the ambient, melodic, keyboard driven parts, and the fact that they are interspersed between brutally heavy riffage. I highly recommend this album for the patient listener!!

The "dreamy" sequences would be awesome to hear when you're high haha

Stuck on track 7, Anatomy Anomalies. Love this track. I'm not sure if this record just replaced Skyharbor in my top 5 releases for this year, or not. It's up there though.

I would love to see, The Contortionist tour with only the following: Uneven Structure & TesseracT. I can not shake the fluidity of this record. Makes me think of those other bands, in the same breath.

Intrinsic - A must have!

Ooh very nice!! Can't believe you got a preorder the day of its release!! Good sh*t man. Yeah I gave it a listen in entirety last night while doing the dishes before bed. Very interesting album to say the least. Complex, melodic, and brutal all in one nice tight sounding package. I will continue to listen to it for the next few days as I usually do, and I'm sure it will creep up into my favorites in no time. Enjoy that bro!!

A nice surprise greeted me at my mailbox, this morning. got it right on the $! Listening to it right now. Holomovement.

Will reconvene.


Dude that Glass Cloud album is excellent. The 8-string guitar work is outstanding. Contortionist should be appearing on my iPod in about 1 hour and counting!!! I'll let you know how it is.

Album of the year behind Meshuggah. Phenomenal musicians.

D.C. in the house. You know I've barely started downloading releases. Official big deal bands, releases. Still stuck in the cd dimension. I'll probably start with Monuments new, debut one. That or Glass Cloud.

I'll download bands that haven't been signed yet or the free downloads. Slowly, but surely.

Big smile

This is top of best album in this year currently... Tongue

What's up my D.C. friend? You know I'd love to get involved with this one!! After my somewhat disappointing experience with the timing of Periphery II preorder, I decided to go the iTunes route with The Contortionist. Plus when I was on their merch website about to do the preorder, I was put off by the shipping cost and decided that $30+ was too much for a shirt and a CD I'd probably be receiving late again. So I took the easy way out and should be downloading it tonight @midnight sharp!! Cant f*ckin wait!!

Nobody else with this release yet? has my copy in the queue. Probably get it by the weekend.

Kind of surprising there is not more chatter about this!?! I got no expectations! Puzzled There was a lot about Periphery II, made the anticipation even more.

Come on...divulge.

Actually, I got it yesterday (Thursday) instead. Today, I picked up Exotic Animal Petting Zoo and Bermuda's new releases. I get them from a mail-order/distributor that is in my area that I drop by frequently as I've done for years. The Contortionist have topped Oddland as the best album of the year for me so far and i actually like this album much more than Exoplanet which itself was an all-time favorite album of mine so that is really saying something. The only fault the album has really is the last track which is basically incoprehendable rambling spoken over synth noise. Great fucking album though!

How, may I ask, are you to have this on Friday if it doesn't come out until the 17th? Do you know of some secret that I don't? And if so, let me in on it!!!

I can't fucking wait! I will own this this Friday!!!