Sithu Aye - Isles [EP]
February 11, 2012 - Self-released

1. Isles
2. Skye
3. Islay
4. Cuillin (Interlude)
5. Mull
6. Jura


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solos so sexy.

A solid effort! Definitely a step up!

So Cassini reminded me of a combination of AAL and Periphery, now Isles is a combination of Periphery's lighter side and Haunted Shores.


There, I voted a 10 for it since I know 100% that it will be worth 10/10 (and no, I haven't heard the album, it's just that Sithu know what he does). Also compensating the 7/10 rating. Smile

And for you info all, Sithu released one of his songs, Skye, from the EP so go check it out. The album could be rated 10/10 just for that song.

Haha, that's mental. I'm definitely not expecting the same sort of thing for this Tongue

A rating of 7 seems totally arbitrary though. Maybe he rated the artwork, in which case, wrong website bro Smile

Masstaden accumulated over 50 votes before it came out... some people Smile

Um...the EP's not out for another week and a bit and someone's went and rated it already? That's...really, really odd.