Abstract Deviation - Layers [Full-length]
August 5, 2013 - unknown

1. Eclipses
2. No Fate (feat. Sithu Aye & Masato Itoh)
3. Layers (feat. Mark Hawkins)
4. Ecclesiastes
5. Shelter
6. I Wish You Had A Perfect Child
7. Protuberance
8. Parallax
9. All These Things I Felt (feat. Carl Catron)
10. Entropy

*Instrumental version is also available for free download and for purchase from Bandcamp


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As much as I'd like to say otherwise but I have to agree. I think they went for a jam-y, jazzy feel with the vocals. And theoretically it should work out but somehow it just doesn't come together. The vocals tend to feel distracting most of the time.

Some cool arrangements and awesome guitar work... I hate to be one of those people, but the female vocals are just not cutting it. I'm not opposed to clean and/or female vocals or anything, they are just recorded at varying volumes and, most of the time clash with the music, rather than compliment it.