Rxyzyxr - LMNTS [Full-length]
November 1, 2012 - unknown

1. The Beginning of Light
2. Multiverse
3. Cradle (Of)
4. Transcendental Needs
5. Machine Hearts, Machine Minds
6. The Lesser of Two Evils
7. Polar Knights
8. Denial of Death
9. Locked Inside
10. The Things
11. Just Because
12. We Dominate
13. Nonzero


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100% agreed! I still have the rehearsal video converted to mp3 replacing the studio version.
Bit repetitive, but enough professional and agressive album. Nothing inventive but great quality stuff!

This might be the best free album you will ever listen to.

Really nice, great idea to distribute free! 9/10

It's an awesome album but I really didn't like the changes on Denial of Death, this version is far worse than the rehearsal video version!

An outstanding piece of art!

I already know a few songs lol. but awsome!!! Smile