The Manipulation Theory

Modern Day Babylon - The Manipulation Theory [EP]
October 27, 2011 - Music Media House

1. Key of existence (intro)
2. The signs
3. Instant djentlemen
4. Hearse the halo
5. The unknown guest
6. Shivers
7. Universal intelligence (guest solo by David M. Micic)
8. Analog love (outro)
9. Bonus track


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What's the purpose of a comments section if people are supposed to keep their opinions to themselves?

Keep your opinion to yourself..... GREAT JOB GUYS.....LOVE THE BAND!!

For me this is just a great rip-off of periphery, AAL and chimp spanner. I don´t find this band interesting at all, maybe if they release something new with own face. nothing new or funny on this record.

Solid ass grooves!

After common agreement with label, we are announcing that releasing of expecting EP MANIPULATION THE THEORY will be moved on October 2011. The reason is simple - after eight months of precise working on the content for the EP, we decided to equally good treatment of physical CD and merch. We contacted a new supplier, and everything goes into production in these days. Stay tuned for deadline of pre-ordering and CD release, it will be published very soon! We hope you can survive a few days Smile and thank you for your patience and support! yours MDB!

I am soooo siked for this. Can't wait to hear these beautiful low djenty tones Smile

it was delayed and it'll be released somewhere in October.

how can i get this album?