Substructure - Monolith [EP]
September 2, 2011 - unsigned

1. Cassiopeia 01:42
2. Canis Minor 03:01
3. Canis Major 06:06
4. Telescopium 03:36
5. Monoceros 02:37
6. Cepheus 05:14


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I really, really miss this band. As a Saint Louis native, I was so proud. This EP still ranks #1 of all time for me. Sorry, just listened to it again and began feeling nostalgic. I really recommend this if you haven't listened to it. RIP Substructure... Pioneers.

I wish I could put a like on that comment Laughing out loud
It's the same with 'Alaska'
From Alaska, Alaska, Into Alaska.

Well, we have Structures, Substructure, and Uneven Strutures. How many more do you want Wink

we need more of these bands!!!

One of my favorite bands and a great EP!

Excellent release, especially love the ambient parts!

Amazing ep Laughing out loud!!...