Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind

Gardenjia - Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind [Full-length]
December 21, 2014 - Self-released

1. Symphonic Poem pt. I (Nausicaä)
2. Kusare-Umi Ni Te pt. I (In the polluted sea)
3. Kaze No Densetsu (Legend of the wind)
4. Yomigaeru Kyo-Kami-Hei pt. I (Resurrecting the god warrior)
5. Yomigaeru Kyo-Kami-Hei pt. II (Resurrecting the god warrior)
6. Kusare-Umi Ni Te pt. II (In the polluted sea)
7. Pejitei No Zenmetsu pt. I (Annihilation of the Pejitei)
8. Pejitei No Zenmetsu pt. II (Annihilation of the Pejitei)
9. Sentou (Battle)
10. Symphonic Poem pt. II (Prelude, from Georg Friedrich Händel's Sarabande)
11. Symphonic Poem pt. III (Nausicaä)
12. Kyoshinei-Toumekia Gun-Kushana Denka pt. I (God warrior-Tokumekia-Princess Kushana)
13. Kyoshinei-Toumekia Gun-Kushana Denka pt. II (God warrior-Tokumekia-Princess Kushana)
14. Kyoshinei-Toumekia Gun-Kushana Denka pt. III (God warrior-Tokumekia-Princess Kushana)
15. Symphonic Poem pt. IV (Nausicaä)
16. Symphonic Poem pt. V (Nausicaä)


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