Liquorworks - Nonsense [Full-length]
April 5, 2010 - unsigned

1. Deranged Organ of Intoxicated Organist
2. Nonsense
3. 616
4. Full Bladder Torment
5. Conduct
6. Chemist
7. Chains
8. Minions


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Absolutely sick!!!

In addition, it's actually just one guy (and an occasional guest vocalist) Smile

Absolutely brilliant. Has some nice jazz and blues influence during the "breakdowns" in between the groovey melodic death metal-ish parts. This band makes good use of keyboards to make a unique sound that goes really well with the rest of the music to give a sort of panicky feel; this is usually followed by a nice, melodic riff. Great production and guitar tone, especially for such an underground band. 5 stars!