Novalis (Instrumental)

Entities - Novalis (Instrumental) [Full-length]
February 7, 2015 - Self-released

1. Oni (Instrumental)
2. Esuna (Instrumental)
3. Synthetic Divinity (Instrumental)
4. Azure (Instrumental)
5. Genetic Drift (Instrumental)
6. Paramnesia (Instrumental)
7. Mother Gaia (Instrumental)
8. Crestfallen (Instrumental)
9. Spirits (Instrumental)
10. Chrysalis (Instrumental)
11. Adversity (Instrumental)
12. Return To Reform (Instrumental)

Instrumental version of the debut album 'Novalis'


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This album is insane. I love the vocalist of this band but there's something about their instrumentals that really speak to me. Definitely check this one out! So much groove.