TesseracT - One [Full-length]
March 22, 2011 - Century Media Records

01. Lament
02. Nascent
03. Concealing Fate - Part 1
04. Concealing Fate - Part 2
05. Concealing Fate - Part 3
06. Concealing Fate - Part 4
07. Concealing Fate - Part 5
08. Concealing Fate - Part 6
09. Sunrise
10. April
11. Eden
BONUS TRACK (available for all album pre-orders) - Hollow

Concealing Fate parts 1-6 live in the Studio - recorded in 5.1 surround sound
Interviews with the band
Behind the scenes in the studio
US tour diary


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Daniel tompkins has some epic vocal ability.

Truly beautiful music. It was my first djent album, and I'm so glad I found it.
'One' is definitely my favourite djent album, but it's also my favourite album of all time!

Insanely good. A trip through the sound, subtle, pulsating riffs, great voice, ... A must hear !

Absolutely the best, without any doubts my favourite djent album so far! Acceptance is so atmospheric song, can't stop enjoying it!)

Damn it! Tesseract and Periphery... I saw the two albums at the store but couldnt buy them because they had vocals. So I got a Pelican cd instead. Maybe someday if I have a whole lot of cash for some reason i'll buy the CDs and just use them as coasters or something... I want to own these but no way in hell am I putting up with those boy-band vocals.
Either way, Sick stuff.

This is SO on heavy rotation in my car stereo! All three thumbs up!

Sunrise was part of their old songs as far as I know.

It's amazing. Not sure why they chose Nascent as their video single, definitely my least favorite track, but wow. The new Lament is incredible... I also have a new appreciation for The concealing fate tracks after hearing the whole album

Amazing album, even though we've heard most of the material already. It's still worth picking up though, I'm doing that today. Hollow beasts as well.

album's on its way but just got the code to download hollow...
it is amazing...
cant wait to hear the rest of the album
but kinda bummed that i've already listened the hell out of 6 of the album trax

I got the Torrent from a friend, and this fuckin disc SHREDS !!

It can't leak if there is only one song we haven't heard on it (referring to Sunrise). And they released Eden not too long ago. Someone probably got ahold of it and threw that up there with the rest of the already released tracks. Unless the leak has hollow? That would be worth it.

it leaked! i bought it but still IT LEAKED!!

my preorder just shipped!!!! =) just a few more days =)

maybe hollow?

Wow that riff is awesome, I hope it shows up. The last 7 seconds are beast.

I'm so f**** desperated.....Acle told me 4 years ago that the awesome riff at the end of this vid -> (at 3'10) would be on the album....and in the comments of this vid i can read it was on a previous demo. I got all the previous tesseract demo/album and I didnt recognize where/ in which song it was used. Do you have any ideas guys where I can find it or he decided to keep some material for next album ????

That review was a load of crap. TesseracT has an amazing sound and their writing ability is uncanny. They might say it's over produced or whatever but who cares really? The same people that say that sort of garbage are the same people that don't like Planet X or Animals as Leaders... they just don't understand it so hence forth they don't like it. I think these haters that don't appreciate TesseracT are just jealous that they didn't come up with something as great as what they produced. I already got my ticket reserved for when they come to town and can't wait to see them live! So why don't the haters put their money where their mouth is and see how they are live before they jump to such quick judgement. They might learn a thing or two about how tight a band can be when they're right in front of you. Oh yea by the way.. a lot of bands in history have put songs from their E.P.s on their first full-length albums... It's not that big of a deal if they do that.

If this gets leaked, the person responsible would be cannonized

did this leak yet?

Just pre ordered this with the shirt and the concealing fate EP. So excited

CF EP + 5 songs = One

i knew that they will put the same songs from the ep on their debut album as well, but still it's pretty lame imo. also we already know how lament, nascent and april sound like (other ppl might even know how the rest sounds like...)

Found the first review of the album. Maybe this might not be as good as we think?

My knuckles are white.

Duuuudes. Find other bands to listen to. All of this "They make us wait!" nonsense has been annoying me for over a year now! This will be a good release when it comes out. Keep your pants on, but not so far up your cracks.

Are the 'concealing fate' tracks going to be the same ones as on the EP or are they re-recorded, kind of like Jetpacks Was Yes! for Periphery's new video?

i'm definitely preordering this

I would laugh if this gets pushed back again

Acle, simply put, is a perfectionist. From what i have come to understand of him and have learned of him the past idk 5 or 6 years i've been following his ass around.. Waiting to put out an album... Same song I'm hearing now (figuratively). Tesseract clips 1,3, and 5. an old april song and like 5 versions of one song, i'm guessing which is now concealing fate, was all i had to live on. Then the EP he threw at us. Which was basically nothing new. Just a compiled version of his old clips, some of my favorite i have yet to hear on a new release, with clean vocals over them. With an addition of one new song or something. Then the whole Fellsilent SPEAL to useup the rest of his clips. NOW there's the concealing fate.. EP?! Which in itself hold's weight but you can smell the aura of a megatonicallistic album album oozing its way out the side of his head. Whatever it is, it will be something for the times. For our children and our woman. Something for the wedding reception, yadig. Therefore,

We Wait.

Ye man, thats bullshit. They know what they are doing and thats not always that case.

facebreaker88: how come everything you post is so damn negative?? seriously

Hey guys!

They are an amazing band and the release will be well worth the wait (especially since now they have time to add more stuff to it!) Smile


in my opinion the bigger record label , the shittier and more mainstream the music.

so i see nothing good coming from them sucking dicks for a good label.... hmmm.

its whatever for real . there are way better bands than them anyway.

Settle down. It will be worth the wait.

Yeah what's worse is that it was supposed to be out early this year which for obvious reasons it couldnt. But from there it was postponed until autumn from what I heard now its early next year. It is going to be worth the wait but the least they could do is release a new track to save fans loosing interest.

Honestly i'm pretty annoyed too. Like i'll wait for the album patiently but there are 2 things that pissed me off. They told us so long ago that the album was completely finished. They should never have told us that. 2nd thing is that they continue to avoid telling us when the album is coming out. That interview shows that its in 2011?? what!? i wouldn't be pissed if they came out and told us that but no, we find out through an interviewer after months of hearing nothing.

This is really starting to piss me off, they would of been sitting on the album for over year when it is released. I have heard most of it through a friend of the band but it left me craving more as I only heard it through dell pc speakers. I will say that it sounds amazing and Eden has to be heard to believed and the new version of April is sick but they need to release this album as I am sure all of the fans are getting really frustrated with waiting patiently and not being given anything in return.
Tesseract if your reading this we love you but for fuck's sake

Apparently it's coming out in early 2011 now Sad

Now it's starting to bother me as well, cause they've basically said "we'll announce it next week" twice in the past few weeks Tongue

I really understand this whole situation, but honestly, I think they had just enough time to find suitable label... And this waiting thing is slowly getting on my nerves.

That's a fact, but on the other hand I can't really blame them for taking the time to evaluate all the options. If they sign now we might get our music in the short term, but it's no good if they're gonna get fucked over. I think the wait will be worth it Smile

If they keep fucking around with these Record Labels, People are just gonna say FUCK IT !! And forget about them !!

I've been waiting for almost 2 years now.
Maybe then I'll actually get the lyrics to CTF part 1