Periphery - Periphery [Full-length]
April 20, 2010 - Sumerian Records

1. Insomnia
2. The walk
3. Letter Experiment
4. Jetpacks Was Yes
5. Light
6. All New Materials
7. Buttersnips
8. Icarus Lives
9.Totla Mad
10 Ow My Feelings
11. Zyglrox
12. Racecar
13. Captain On (iTunes Bonus Track)


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vocals are awesome! spencer is great! anyway i think this is my favorite album so far

I actually like the vocals on this album more than on the others. it really stands out.

i really don't understand peoples hate for periphery vocals? he has very solid brutal vocals (that interesting original sound. it kinda makes me think of a revolutionized, new aged dez fafara growl) and as far as clean vocals go he has an amazing range.

I'm getting a shirt instead! Laughing out loud

Are you fucking serious?

Same thing happened to me. I just bought the official cd to support the band but the vocals are horrible so i'm still listening to the cd I burnt when this first came out.

I was a HUUUUGE fan of your instrumental release of Periphery!! So I bought the album. I almost returned it and unlike your page because your vocalist is so fucking god awful.

Please don't let your potential get held back by that insufficient one member. Although props for getting jeff loomis on the album

Everything is supreme as expected, except for the vocals. And I still don't know why the heck Füf didn't enter in the tracklist.

I totally agree with Crown of Thieves.

this album is amazing!
best album of the year!!

Hope everyone enjoys tokin' it up and listening to this sweet fuckin djent! Happy 4/20 everybody! even tho u guys write it backwards over there in europe.. but i guess we're the backwards ones, aw fuck it!

Just ordered the album, cant wait for it Laughing out loud

This album is literally amazing. I was really anticipating hearing all of these with vocals and they turned out to be great, especially Insomnia and Letter Experiment.

Really wish they would have done something besides a bunch of old tracks with vocals now.. don't get me wrong, they're good songs. I just really would have rather heard something new.

Great album. Letter Experiment is kind of meh. It seems so different. The vocals are great. Racecar is the best track, in my honest opinion.

I haven't seen that much hate yet... just some people who don't really like the new vocalist. I think he's awesome, and so is the rest of the album. Hope to see them live in Europe soon!

One of the greatest tech metal albums of the last decade. Have seen them in concert and hope this sells really well, because the online hype is now turning into hate for no reason.