TesseracT - Perspective [EP]
May 21, 2012 - Century Media Records

1. Perfection
2. April
3. Origin
4. Dream Brother (Jeff Buckley Cover)
5. Eden 2.0


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So sad the former singer was not in the band anymore. They had such an alchemy, the album "One" is pure genius. The following is ... disturbing (not for the good). I agree Origin is slaughtered by the new singer.

Decent album. Not great though

Math Metal? .. wait, metal? This EP? You kidding me?
This is Pop Metal for sure, the Coleman voice is no unique or something special.
Original tracks are much better.

Oh man, sooo much this ^^^

Most polarizing djent release ever?

Finally got the ep earlier this morning. Listening to it now. Just...beautiful. Wonderful. I dig the fact there are no harsh vocals, something Dan would of had a hard time doing in TesseracT. I can see their new record being better than, 'One'. TesseracT are going the other way in this scene. Progressive as much as Djent. This is going to be the only band that crests over the horizon of this genre.

I am officially, an Elliot Coleman fan.

I have to be honest, i love elliots voice. It is so different, and so unique as a whole. Its great. As for the ep, its very very good. I love tesseract with dan, and i think with Elliot, tesseract is going to be great. .His screams are ridiculous. His singing voice is great. No matter what anyone says, his voice is amazing. I loved it

in my opinion the fact that you think your opinion is fact is downright stupid, i respect your opinion and i can sympathize with you not liking elliot, cause i know he may be hard to get into, if at all... it's not like not being into him makes you any less intelligent or knowing or anything, or the other way around, but you saying he is untalented as a fact is wrong, because you alone don't get to decide that, you only get to decide if you like him or not, and i kinda suspect tesseract have a better say in what they should do in the future, because, you know, they might kinda know what they're gonna do next, and maybe a singer like elliot fits that vision nicely...

Of Course we believe you...


Why always complain about the past? Elliot is a fantastic singer, and he fits a lot tesseract style, this EP is phenomenal!
and about the votes average.. well, this is not "djent" this is PURE MUSIC! how can anyone vote it under 7?!?! This should be compared with pink floyd, not with meshuggah..

People are giving it low ratings due to the untaltented vocalist ruining this otherwise fantastic EP. Had it been instrumental, or featured a better vocalist, the ratings would be through the roof - believe me.

Wow. The new vocalist is genuinely just... untalented. That's the best word to describe him. Sure, tastes vary, and some people might like him anyway which is nice for them, but the indisputable and objective truth is that talent he does not have. Personally, I cannot bear to listen to this, and I'm really sad that Tesseract has settled for someone like this. The musicians are talented and dragged down into the dirt due to this new guy. Really, really sad stuff. I just find it completely baffling why they don't see this themselves.

If I had a say, I would kick him out immediately. Actually, it's already too late, as Tesseract has forever been tainted by the release of this EP. Depressing.

LoganMac wrote:

...I'm listening Origin @1:38 I can't imagine people saying that's good singing...
...Browne from Monuments actually took his time to chose a proper vocalist and he sounds decent...

i guess this shows how very differently people perceive music, because, as far as i have heard 'ments' new vocalist is as dividing if not moreso than elliot, base on the new admit defeat version... anyways it's still your opinion, and it's valid, but i seriously beg to differ, i'd have elliot over the new ments guy anyday, any genre, anytime... cheers

Please don't get mad and defensive over this comment, but, my thoughts on this album I posted already... I'm listening Origin @1:38 I can't imagine people saying that's good singing. I would have been fine if they chose a proper good vocalist, it's not that I hate him because Dan was better, Eliot sounds like the guy from Mars Volta, like a chick, he's out of tempo a lot of times. Don't get me started when he sings live, the most annoying thing it's actually when he does that metalcore dance when you jump with one foot and the other. Wtf looks like Attack Attack. I still have hopes Album II will feauture another vocalist, the only reason I'm still checking on this band. Browne from Monuments actually took his time to chose a proper vocalist and he sounds decent. Also I lol'd at Origin (I became... so sick of ITTTTTT all) @0:19. I liked Dream Brother, and instrumentally 90% this album is awesome

Why always complain about the past? Elliot is a fantastic singer, and he fits a lot tesseract style, this EP is phenomenal!
and about the votes average.. well, this is not "djent" this is PURE MUSIC! how can anyone vote it under 7?!?! This should be compared with pink floyd, not with meshuggah..

It`s Definitely good instrumental work!
But it`s so hard to take this kind of changes, yeah, I`m talking about vocal.
Please, I beg you, do everything to take back Daniel. His vocalist skills and your splendid way of music composition will give a truly satisfaction for world music fans. Otherwise you have to write a new awesome album with new vocalist, very fast.

Tesseract without Dan Tompkins sucks sooo hard...

I think this is a great piece to show everyone the new singer, the power, range, ability and show how this is a better singer either you like it or not, either you are open to changes or not Also it give you a different approach to their songs, while listening the first couple of minutes of Eden you can compare and feel how new singer have more angel versatile and power in his voice and gets to your soul; please do not miss understand me Tesseract had a great singer, but Eliot is definitely bringing a whole new atmosphere. I also guess that for those who enjoy like me of a great screaming, this is was a thumb down for this band but now while listening previous records of Eliot again... I think that tesseract is holding this perspective of their new sound to blow your fucking mind in their next work....

That is my first impression and my humble opinion when listen to this record thank you guys...

10/10, excellent piece of art.

Wow. 2.8 with four votes. Tough crowd. As a TesseracT fan (I got the cube on my chest), I am going to say that this is a good representation of what we will get. Saying that, I did not like Origin from this, but Eden 2.0, Dream Brother and Perfection are pretty great and the musicianship and mixing of this is ace.

Anyway...waiting on bandstores to send a confirmation that my order got shipped.

I'm still hunting for the instrumental version. This is too soft with those girly vocals but then again it's acoustic so I guess it's supposed to be... somewhat.

EP did not like it at all, their debut album was a hundred times stronger. What is this? The horror

After hearing 'Dream Brother' if you were a fan of TesseracT, you still will be. If you weren't a fan before...shame, 'cause this is going to be one of those rare moments in modern metal of true, history. No cheap thrills or, campy path-of-least-resistance stuff everybody else is doing.

Some real melting into the horizon type of, chill-ax. It is a shame, it's only 5 songs...probably what I get for facetiously fanboying Tompkins. Elliot Coleman will make believers out of all of us!

I'm definitely looking forward to it.

who is stoked for this? me is mos def NOT! instead of writing/releasing new material, they just an acoustic EP with old songs and one cover track... i do love acoustic versions, but u normally do that after at least 2 albums, and even then u put them as bonus trax on the albums or even give it away for free... and not as an own album...

Can't wait!