TesseracT - Polaris [Full-length]
September 18, 2015 - Kscope Records

1. Dystopia [6:51]
2. Hexes [5:18]
3. Survival [4:25]
4. Tourniquet [5:59]
5. Utopia [5:34]
6. Phoenix [3:54]
7. Messenger [3:35]
8. Cages [5:29]
9. Seven Names [5:40]


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I must admit that the previous albums left me indifferent,
but the mix Anathema+Tool at its highest point practicing in this,
added to the surprising and exciting performance of his singer,
result in such beautiful songs.Wink

St. Anger anyone?

wow did these guys go downhill. not even touching this one

Can't find for myself even a ONE song that I entirely like in this album.

I second that. This album takes me to other worlds. Best release of the year IMO.

yet another masterpiece by the act!