Psychic - Psychic [Full-length]
November 8, 2012 - Self-released

1. Samara´s Dream 05:27
2. Paranormal Cats 04:05
3. Compression of Damage Melusine 404 05:58
4. Octopussy 04:33
5. Sky Trajection 04:51
6. Heretic Error of Magnetic Forces 05:50
7. Dolly in the Christmas Blood 04:32
8. Wicker 03:58
9. Katy Perry - I Kissed a Girl (Psychic remix) 03:05


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Best work I've heard on here for a while. I can hear those Zappa influences Smile

Melody, folks. MELODY.

This Album is a great mix of djent fusion psychedelic metal ,great melodies and production too
Plus a killer remix
Highly recommend *****

Great production and performance! Congratulations Smile

Really infectious. Plenty of catchy melodies and great grooves, very accessible. The economical use of layers makes it feel kinda fresh. The hook always stands out clearly, no matter if it's a melody or a riff.
Also, the cover is pretty cool. One of the very few djent pop covers that actually add additional melodies to a song.