The Quantum Hack Code

Amogh Symphony - The Quantum Hack Code [Full-length]
December 25, 2010 - Self-released

1. Intro - The Fall of World Defence System
2. Dvorzhetskii's Prophecy
3. Osiris 1
4. The Quantum Barrier Code By Mainframe
5. Polymorphic Infection
6. X-Karna: Activated
7. The Nullification Method: ONI VS. Proteus
8. Decoded: Karnosiris
9. The Collapse of Q-Web and Osiris 1


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I got 1. Intro - The Fall of World Defence System

After the failure of Operation uncertaintly
Daniel Dvorzhetskii invented the quantum dead theory at the Q-Web
The Q-web was formulated for the preservation of human memory
In what human beings are refered to as the "afterlife" or "salvation"
Human civilazation was taking his last breath under the shadow of the mainframe
Earth cannot longer handle the sun rays
at this time Q-web was a private lounge
by the three prototype cyborg leaders of the mainframe system
mainframe took over the world defense system and cover the earth with the site shield
to save their stations as well as the humans from the sun rays
there was no air and no open skies
all humans were preserved in their "sumary"
her higher mind state with their bodies safe in the dormitory
although medically dead this humans were attach to the vital to safe them from biological damage
they knew that human memory can only survive with the brain remaining in the state of "sumary"
human dna was preserved in the source capsule for clonning
the machines were learning the nature and lifestyle of human society
and how to multiply in form to rise on their own in the Q-web

can someone rectify me?

could someone put all the speech of the album?

thanks Laughing out loud

Awesome Stuff!

So original and fresh, no boring!

Im really impressed


I love albums that incoporate storytelling and music, I think its a beautiful combination. The music that goes along is just amazing, great new album.

love the concept of the album