The Return of Inertia Vocalist Re-Release

Outrun the Sunlight - The Return of Inertia Vocalist Re-Release [Full-length]
July 24, 2012 - Rogue Records America

1. Being : Begin
2. The Peter Pan Complex feat. Joel Hanlon
3. Ambivalence feat. Chad Kapper
4. Psychic Cycles feat. Andrew Zink
5. Archetype
6. Apeirophobia feat. Sean Silagy
7. Quark feat. Aleksandra Radosavljevic
8. Telencephalon feat. Chris Jones
9. Diencephalon feat. John Brogger
10. Phyllotaxis Complete feat. Joey Virrueta
11. Toska feat. Steve McCorry
12. Woods
13. Apachee


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Finally got a chance to play this vocal Re-release. I do think more clean vocals would of brought out so much more emotion to this release. That being said, this is awesome. I'll probably go buy the instrumental version now.

Great listen!

This is a solid release. I give it an 8/10 because some of the vocals are phenomenal while some of the vocals do not add to the standout points of the instrumentals. Also, while I am sure the vocals were evenly mastered, some songs sound better than others in a sense of mastery. I do not want to take away from any of the vocalists but some of them made this release harder to master than others. Andrew Zink was on point. John Brogger and Steve McCorry was on point.