The Royal Thousand

Glass Cloud - The Royal Thousand [Full-length]
July 2, 2012 - Basick Records / Equal Vision Records

1. White Flag
2. If He Dies, He Dies
3. Falling In Style
4. Ivy & Wine
5. Prelude For A Ghost
6. All Along
7. She Is Well And Nothing Can Be Ill
8. Counting Sheep
9. Memorandum
10. From May To Now


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Glass Cloud have really blown the roof off with this album. Its amazing from start to finish. IMO its the album of the year for 2012. 5/5 for sure!

haha all djent is scene these days, my friend. we can thank Periphery for that one. Grant it it does have a fair likeness to Jerry Roush's work when he was with SkyEatsAirplane, and you can definitely tell that Josh travis kick old school heaviness from the 2004-2007 era, these guys are coming into their own with this sound. It definitely separates them from the rest of the Djentlemen.

Finally gave this album a thorough listen today and this sh*t rips!!! Love it! There is some fantastic 8-string work in there. I highly recommend this album my friends....

love this album!!! but is it jus me or is this kinna the start of ''scene djent''

Oh man! This band. The music is just great and fills me with good vibes. The instrumentation is awesome too with some great passages. And dat bass!



What's up with the push-back to 7/10??

Got it this morning... LOVE IT!

Really nice release! Josh Travis never fails!

Good release. 9/10
Lyrics somewhere?

Looking forward to this! July 4th weekend will be great for music!