Safer Than Reality

Aliases - Safer Than Reality [Full-length]
August 15, 2011 - Basick Records

1. What's Left for Us?
2. The Reality of Beliefs
3. We Never Should Have Met
4. Refraction
5. All That Glitters is Gold
6. While I Drown
7. The Beginning Has No End
8. Sirens


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This album is great, simply because it is so unconventional. Graham "Pin" Pinney writes such interesting riffs based on his crazy influences ranging everywhere from modern day artists to insane atonal contemporary classical composers. He's able to have pieces of songs hook the audiences with catchy tag lines or choruses, like their single "What's Left for Us?" He's making his vision come to life without trying to be just another Djent clone like too many people are gravitating towards without trying to throw their own originality into the music. When you hear Aliases, you KNOW it's Aliases.

I can't wait to own the next Aliases album, and I can't wait to see how working in this group will impact his writing for the new Sikth album.

I like the music and I like the vocals. But together they seem... off. I dunno, it's like the singing is out of tune all the time or something. Anyone know what I mean?

@Coconuts, did you download a poor quality version or something? Nothing wrong with the production on this album.

If you want to check out the record for FREE, why not head over and listen to the whole thing on Bandcamp or Youtube?

Promising music unfortunately suffering from (very) poor production. I'm personally unable to listen to more than half of a song at a time. Probably designed to be listened to through a telephone or something. Not recommended if you have revealing listening equipment.

google search ... aliases safer than reality

Well, it's probably leaked now anyway, but at the time, I found it on some underground file sharing website. Again, you can probably find it everywhere by now, but I'm still not telling you anything; I only stole it, because I'm waiting on the pre-order. Wink SUPPORT THEM AND BASICK RECORDS, PEEPZ

im trying to steal it but i cant find any good torrents. did you buy it? lol cuz i want it free

you already hear it? where did you get it?

Absolutely amazing album. Tight guitars, drumming, bass, vocals. Everything. Production is solid, and every song flows perfectly from one to another. With the exceptionally technical verses and melodic chorus, with the help of Jay, this album has a great balance of brutality and melody, making it a very easy album to listen to, especially for tech-metal. You'd be crazy not to buy it... or steal it, for those cheap bastards. Wink

Woop Bout time \m/