The Korea - Saturnus [EP]
March 25, 2013 - Rogue Records America

1. Saturnus
2. Zion
3. Poles
4. Saturnus (Russian)
5. Zion (Russian)
6. Poles (Russian)

*Guest musician on 'Poles': Ilya Kuzubov of Immaterialist


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Where are the Russian lyrics?! Sad

sounds like neema
anywho, the ep is a beast!

This does have a Monuments kind of vibe to it. I actually like Chariots of the Gods better but there isn't much to compare to. Wish this was a full-length!! But Chariots of the Gods is a tough act to follow. I f*cking love that album so much. You know you're sitting there trying to sing along with that Russian shit!!

I hear the sound of Monuments

amazing band! amazing release! clean vocals are very nice. favorite djent band:3

Absolutely awesome. Hope we have an EP of the year vote.

Poles is fucking kickass

So for some reason I didn't relaize this was only a 3 song EP. That sucks

awesome !1!1!

Zion sounds a little like Hacktivist.