Source of Isolation

Friend For A Foe - Source of Isolation [EP]
October 1, 2011 - Unknown

01. C.I.
02. The Sky And The Fall
03. Idle Hands
04. For Less
05. Vultaggio
06. Formulaic Transition
07. Niacin
08. Fallout


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I'm not to big on Fallout, but I can't stop listening to the rest of the EP. I'm really looking foward to this band's next release. Definately a new favorite band.

Please don't shout Smile They ran out of bandcamp credits. Maybe someone can provide an alternative link? Or you could get in touch with the band and see if they have an alternative link for you.


Will be considered in one of the top releases of 2011. Still tho, Ever Forthright will crush this! Nonetheless, amazing music and great potential for the future!

Yep, still the best release of 2011.

Magnificent release, Chris can damn sing... "NO MOREEE PAIIINNN"

That would be Mr. Barretto also! That's his vocals you're hearing, though Benjamin Guarino also partook in "Vultaggio"

Shit who is doing the clean vox? A-MA-ZING!

Amazing screams...Chris Barretto is beast.

Chris Barretto is amazing vocal. Awesome!

No worries ... the EP is out and available to download now! FOR FREEEEEEEEE!!!

Not criticizing your opinion by any means as everyone will have their own and no hard feelings to be had on our end, but how did you actually hear the EP considering only a very, VERY small handful of individuals have had access to it? Would hate to have a leak floating about (which internet searches have not shown any ... just a collection of older songs someone mashed together floating around). Would appreciate a response since we would then need to figure out who on our end leaked it ...

I hope you haven't heard older stuff and thought it was from our EP! Again, glad you enjoyed some parts of our music and no grudges on our end! Cheers!

I already heard this album , made some nice chops from it but otherwise it's just more forgettable djent. Not as good as Bulb and Meshuggah though since the drums aren't as heavy, however the soft parts are very nice. Something Meshuggah cannot do and Bulb rarely does.

Niacin is fuckin sick. Definitely sky-rocketed them to the top-watch-spot for me of the 'djent' crowd right now. When is it ACTUALLY gonna release?

man, this band are a bunch of slackers Tongue I think they might just manage to release it before the end of this month, although more likely next month.

Any more news on this coming out yet? February is almost over

Coming out febuary with guest vocals from the dude from monuments