The Amanuensis

Monuments - The Amanuensis [Full-length]
June 23, 2014 - Century Media Records

1. I, The Creator
2. Origin Of Escape
3. Atlas
4. Horcrux
5. Garden Of Sankhara
6. The Alchemist
7. Quasimodo
8. Saga City
9. Jinn
10. I, The Destroyer
11. Samsara

*US Edition Bonus Tracks
12. Degenerate (Live at Euroblast Festival 2013)
13. The Uncollective (Live at Euroblast Festival 2013)
14. Regenerate (Live at Euroblast Festival 2013)


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great album !!!

this album is amazing !!!

All the released songs so far kick ass, can't wait to hear the rest

Too keen for this album! Origins of Escape is an awesome song, amazing vocals too

It's not out for a month but there's already two 10/10 votes? lolwat?

That being said, I am hella stoked for this. The artwork is killer. Hope it ties into the music and lyrics.