The Didact

Means End - The Didact [Full-length]
May 1, 2013 - Self-released

1 - Candle in the Dark
2 - Omega Barrier
3 - Crimson Interloper
4 - Aeronaut
5 - Prometheus
6 - Mourning Star
7 - Magnanimous
8 - Lied von Leid
9 - Nox Aurumque
10 - Sun Wukong
11 - Arbiter of Time
12 - To Love

*Mixed and Mastered by Acle Kahney (ex-Fellsilent, TesseracT)


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At first listen I was a little turned off. Coming from the EP I guess I expected something different. But after a few listens, oh my dear lord this album is fantastic. It's filled with some of the coolest riffs I've ever heard (ie Arbiter of Time), and their version of Nox Aurumque is amazing.

Definitely one of my favorite albums of the year. Everyone should buy the album or a shirt to support these guys.

I e-mailed with Rasmus a couple of weeks ago. But, does anyone have an update on the t-shirts?

Superb. One of the better albums released so far in 2013.

Thank god, there are still plenty of bands in the genre keeping it unique and interesting. Absolutely love this album now.

Acle Kahney
Best of Best

Totally agree with Monolith, Means End and Nemertines new LP's are very refreshing for the scene, new classics for me, both the ambient and feeling are really deep

Definitely a classic for me, Luciani is outstandingly talented.

This album is absolutely incredible. Sooooooooooo worth the wait. They didn't let me down in any way whatsoever. Fantastic. Thanks means end for the music that will be saturating my ears for the next few weeks.

Along with Nemertines, this is the album of the year. Robert Luciani is on fiiiiyaah \m/. What an intense release this is!

Dude, fuck yes!!!!!!!!



Ok so.....update........ went on over to and got me some Didact!!! I shall fill my ears with thee splendor tomorrow!!

I need to get paid NOW so I can order a physical copy. I've heard most of the stream and it is just awesome!



Instant classic. I'm blown away

"Why is it not available on bandcamp yet guys?????!! I am dying to throw my money at you over here!!! Gimme that good shit already!"!

With you on that lol

Why is it not available on bandcamp yet guys?????!! I am dying to throw my money at you over here!!! Gimme that good shit already!!

HELL YEAH!!! I just got the e-mail link for the download to Didact! I got to wait to get home from work but, a great start to the 1st of May!

Thank you Means End!

I hope this album hits bandcamp at the stroke of midnight!!! Cuz if it does I will be purchasing it at that very moment:]