The Tranquillity

Absent Distance - The Tranquillity [EP]
December 23, 2012 - unknown

1. Asteroid
2. Inhale
3. Circus
4. Downstream

Acoustic EP including 4 tracks from 'Common Ghost of the Lifelines'


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My 3 year old says this makes everyone happy.

because Absent Distance are a djent band. That doesn't mean they're obliged to only put out djent music. We allow for discographies of bands in our database to be completed - that means some releases in our database will not be 'djent', but since everyone has a different take on what djent is, that would be the case anyway.

Please refrain from posts in the style of "why is this here", we get a lot of those lately and as you will understand it gets quite tiring for us to constantly have to justify why certain bands and releases are in the database. In the end we don't really owe anyone any explanation, so the short answer is: it's here because someone submitted it and we published it Tongue

Why is this on this website?