Thousands of Evils

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Vildhjarta - Thousands of Evils [EP]
September 30, 2013 - Century Media Records

1. Introduction: Staos 2:39
2. Längstmedån 3:02
3. Dimman 4:07
4. Regnar Bensin 2:20
5. En mörk vit lögn 2:10
6. Dimman från lützen 3:57
7. Intermezzo 1:51
8. Mist förståndet 3:59


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I've been hearing Melana Chasmata since it leaked and the vocals are better but overall Thousands of Evils + instrumentals are way better than Melana Chasmata. Doom bands just put me to sleep with that simplistic guitar and i'm sure everyone loves their favorite Satanic overlord Tom G. Warrior but it is terrible compared to Eparistera Daimones. Can't wait for a new Vildhjarta album.

Can anyone help me out on where I can download this album from the Netherlands?

Nice Album. Such a dark atmosphere and unexpected surprises.

Thall > Djent

I just ordered the vinyl, i'll let you know if it has any. Their factory is in Ohio, USA and I'm also in the US the cheapest version plus shipping is just under 50$. Not bad for a vinyl, a shirt, a fairly small poster, and a thall sticker! I don't have a record player or anything so it'll just be collecting dust pretty much. Hopefully I can rip it to FLAC somehow...

You can only buy it digitally on the German and there are torrents however the quality is bad, there is something a lot like skipping in the tracks.

So... in other words Century Media is asking us to 'steal' the new Vildhjarta so they can have an excuse to get mad at us later.

I also bought a cd from them, and the art book had some duplicated pages, I asked them to replace it and got no reply. Thanks for justifying my "pirate" behavior (= Why buy if I don't even recieve a decent product?

Guys, I don't see talk of a CD release anywhere. And any of the preorder bundles are vinyl.



If anyone gets a copy of the lyrics I'd greatly appreciate it!

I'm with you on that Hokenstyfe. This isn't making any sense to me whatsoever. In today's digital world there is no legitimate reason I can think of for this atrocity besides some type of label/business/financial malfunction. Guess I'll be listening to Humanity's Last Breath until Century gets their shit together!

I can't imagine waiting a month for a digital release. There has to be more to it, right? CMdistro can't recoup monies from some vinyl sales. And, Century Media has no digital capacity. They even Cd'd the TesseracT ep. 'Perspective'. So I messaged them...

Hope they send some exciting news.


I think the current image comes from Amazon. I'll replace it Smile

that's not the actual cover, don't know who or what messed with it but the band posted Westman's actual image through a link on their fb.

Ugh! Gotta wait til Oct. 29 to download this in the U.S. This blows.



Disappointed with the closer on the ep but over all its thall

This album is fantastic.

Alright. What the fvkk. I can't find it.

Edit: Well ain't that some happy horseshit. It's available in all other markets, but 'muricah. I spend dough with Amazon. What the fvkk!

This is exactly what I've been waiting for from metal. I really mean that. If you guys are ever on here, know that this is perfect, at least in my book.