Threat Signal

Threat Signal - Threat Signal [Full-length]
October 7, 2011 - Nuclear Blast Records

3.New World Order
4.Trust In None
5.Face The Day
6.Fallen Disciples
8.Death Before Dishonor
9.Buried Alive

10. Resistance (iTunes exclusive bonus track)


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I reckon this is by far their greatest album. For me it is a great mix of thrash riffs with some new wave proggy guitar tones. The songs have a good pace and aren't broken up by constant half time break downs like a lot of other albums coming out these days. This album really made me happy. A great addition to their already amazing catalog.

By far their worst album. The best parts used to be their calmer and cleaner bits. But here, they have pretty much abandoned that altogether. What we're left with is yet another super-generic death metal album. There is no reason to listen to this. A waste of life.

Just listened to the album and was surprised how good it was, a good mix of groovy melodic death metal and metalcore

and that 808 + breakdown at the end of Uncensored was fucking nuts!

so far it's a great album