Modern Day Babylon - Travelers [Full-length]
December 15, 2013 - Self-released

1. Astral Storm (Intro)
2. Lost In Dreams (feat. Jakub Żytecki)
3. Travelers
4. Distant Skyline (feat. Chris Storey)
5. Differentiate
6. Currency (feat. Sergey Golovin)
7. Time Shift
8. Infinity
9. Element
10. Journey of Living
11. Thaller Than Thall (Outro)

Bonus Tracks
12. Currency (Vocal version feat. Maxi Curnow)
13. Differentiate (Vocal version feat. Maxi Curnow)
14. Infinity (Matt Holland Remix)


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Awesome piece of music definitly a top 5 Album of 2013

This is sick, had to change my favorite TOP 5 releases.

This is tha bomb!

so gutted that all the songs don't have vocals

i rate this a 10 cuz I'm fucking ready for this SHIT!!