Vira - Vira [Full-length]
November 23, 2011 - unsigned

1. Endless Potential (05:32)
2. Disconnected (05:06)
3. Watch Me Shine (02:55)
4. The Mirror (05:11)
5. The Observer (04:25)
6. The Energy (06:50)
7. Golden skyline (05:32)
8. Closure (04:17)
9. Privilege (05:27)


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I'll be honest, after the two amazing EPs that preceeded this, i was disappointed whilst hearing the slowed down and rather boring first song, and then all hell broke loose. It was just me being impatient! The second half of the song blew me away, and it didn't stop 'til the closing track of the album. I can't recommend this enough for fans of downtuned, mathy, djent-influenced metalcore. Amazing.