We Are The Foundation

Monuments - We Are The Foundation [EP]
November 27, 2010 - Self-released

1. Admit Defeat (Browne/Askari/Malyan)
2. The Uncollective (Browne/Askari)
3. Memoirs (Browne/Askari/Garrett)

*Pre-Production Demos Recorded at Studio 33 in South Lincolnshire, UK. Limited to 400 CDs numbered by the band.


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Imho the vocal lines need a lot of work and the vocalist didn't really fit the song.
I mean I'm completely sold in your music...Whatever you release I will buy, I think it's THAT good.
But a vocalist like Dan would fit the whole perfectly!
Great music guys 10/10 for this masterpiece,2/10 on vocals for me!
I can't wait for the album and I hope it is an actual release so I can hold it in my hands!

New Facebook states original vocalists were fired.

After I saw their live performances on youtube... wondering if it's for the best...?

@DjentirelyHoneybjorn: I've heard it's gonna be late June.

Im so pumped up for this album. I can't find a download link or anything anywhere. Can someone please send me a link to get their music =(

Album said to be released early May. Anybody have any updates?

Great EP

This band sounds like a mixture of Vildhjarta and Look What I Did...pretty neat!

These here are three totally brilliant songs. Each one better than the last with a great new style of vocals (I suppose quite like fellsilent but better). Favourite EP of the year.

bigcartel site says SOLD OUT plus it doesn't ship to the US. would anyone care to be kind enough to gimme a link for a download or send it to me via dropbox or email???

Yeah Acle left for Tesseract while Joe, Noddy and Max (Vocals, drums and bass) all left a little while after, leaving just Browne and Neema, who then went to start 'afresh' under the name of Monuments, Browne's side project.

cool thanks for clearing that up, i appreciate it. Smile

Monuments are pretty much the reincarnation of Fellsilent, who called it quits a while ago Smile

love the album, love the band...... And i know they have similar musicians with Fellsilent, but sounds a bit to similar. Not that its not amazing but it could be mistaken for new fellsilent material, unless their not a band anymore. Is that the case? If so i would understand why they went that way with Monuments... Not tryin to bash either cause both bands are great.

As have I. I'm pretty sure it would've been all glossy and colourful if it wasn't just a cheaply distributed demo.

Nope, I've ordered one copy through the Bigcartel store and the cover looks the same (black and white) Smile

Actually, I have a copy of it and the art is definitely in black and white.

On a sidenote, all registered users can edit band pages and release pages, so you should be able to change this yourself Smile In this case I don't think it's necessary though. Unless the newer ones have album art in colour, that is (I got mine at Euroblast festival in October this year).

Nice to see the album art up for this now. But this is the proper version http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_FBUKSshgk7Y/TPt5LCfOctI/AAAAAAAAADk/l31Ky8Xmgq0/s1600/l_d5ec19b559d6438fa9a5a8237ac1f884.jpg Please fix this admins?

i just got their ep its nothing short of amazing thanx for sending me a link to order their ep "breakdown" so awesome i am more than satisfied

Can someone upload this image as EP cover? I know it's ugly ass hell but this is the way it is for sale. Thankss

on their bigcartel page:

where are they selling this e.p?

if its older then someones been slacking with release updates! haha just kidding Smile

alright, makes sense Smile

It is, but they're selling it online now.

Isn't this older? I got one at Euroblast on October 23rd...