Animals As Leaders - Weightless [Full-length]
November 4, 2011 - Prosthetic Records

01 – An Infinite Regression
02 – Odessa
03 – Somnarium
04 – Earth Departure
05 – Isolated Incidents
06 – Do Not Go Gently
07 – New Eden
08 – Cylindrical Sea
09 – Espera
10 – To Lead You To An Overwhelming Question
11 – Weightless
12 – David


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To me it feels like a real band album this time. The first one was very concentrated on the lead-guitar. This one so organic and accurate. And it has more of a concept feel to it. Less hits, more phrases and contents, not as face-melting on the first listen as its predecessor, but on a long term base a fantastic album. A positive development and to me one of the best releases in 2011.

One of the best releases of 2011, definitely.

Mature AAl! Excellent album!

It would be impossible for any band to follow up a debut album like that and then top it... Although this album might not sound as good on the very first listen, it grows on you with each next hearing. It's great in its own right


Screw you guys Tongue This album is perfect!!!

If you can't stand the wait for this album listen to Wave of Babies It's a lot like what's in Weightless.

Badass album, it's like if Levi/Werstler went djent...
I just have to say though that I think Earth Departure and Weightless' endings are pointless. Maybe they sound great live, or on headphones... but they're unnecessary fillers. I always have to skip these tracks when i'm on the road and that sucks. They should have ended at 3:25 and 3:30, respectively. My opinion but, it's just the boring "chugging" you hear in classic rock.

I bought Obzen and Periphery but returned the Periphery cd because it had emo vocals. I was going to get TesseracT too but it had the same issue. I plan to buy this and Februus too if there's an instrumental. But this for sure, thank you for not adding vocals... it is so much better because of that. These djent artists could learn a lot from Animals as Leaders...

It's a very good album, not as experimental as his first but still very good. Definitely heavier, much heavier. It's like if Animals as Leaders combined with The Algorithm and Idoler... It takes several listens to really hear this album, there's a lot going on.

Listened to the whole album today, production is MILES better than the debut and all in all, its a better release.

awesome job by the guys


On amazon or youtube, you can hear snippets! Amazing. It's only a few months, but it's still sooooooooo long...

I'm not a guy, who votes an album before it's released, but fuck it! This cd is going to be the single most epic thing happened to music! Smile

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Laughing out loud:D:D:D

Cannot wait - I got to see them this year too - got to see them play a new song. Should be crazy good.

My band Acrasia recently opened for them on their US tour with Intronaut, and I had a conversation with Javier Reyes on the album. It's supposed to be a lot more band-oriented, instead of just being a bunch of Tosin's shredding (though I'm sure there will still be plenty). They played one song from it, but he refused to tell me the name, I can say that it was about 65% tapping, most of which was polyrhythmic, and used the 8th string extensively. There's video on youtube.

10 votes, 5 stars and the album haven't even come out yet...


Fuck it. I'll vote 5 anyway.

oh. yup... just pooped.

finally some info, can't wait


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fuck yes.