WIPs and Dip

Returning We Hear the Larks - WIPs and Dip [Compilation]
March 10, 2011 - Independent

NOTE: Album released exclusively as part of Proud England E.P. deluxe package.

01. Life and Death
02. The Prophecy of the Curious Second Proton
03. The Anxious Savings Stag Becomes Ever-More Anxious About Representing a Large Savings Company
04. Myself De-Thirsted by Ori
05. Delayed by the Unfair Nipple (And Its Gross Unfairness, Combined With a Subtle Hint of Nippleness)
06. The Controversial Spider-Eating Spider-Eater Controversially Eats a Controversial Spider-Eating Spider Spider
07. The Favourable Underneath
08. Ite, Scene?
09. For What I Seek and the Curse That Curses My Previously Uncursed Curse Area, I Am Forever Searching Opposite the Bathtub
10. Detected While Wheeling!
11. The Determined Mackerel Becomes Considerably More Determined
12. In Desperation
13. Hope and Faith, Courtesy and the Die Young
14. Visualisation Transport Mixer Manager (Object Editor)
15. Hollaback Gurl [ft. SpiralMountain]


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