A Lustrous Release

Hateure - A Lustrous Danseur [Full-length]
January 2013 - Unsigned

I'll start by stating I honestly think many people who AREN'T from the Philippines probably haven't heard of these guys. After stumbling into this band, I have to say they're a pretty interesting find.

Just in case you wondered for a second how this release was in relation to the first one, this is quite the more evolved sound than the "Makabagong Anyo..." release. Chiefly, the quality of their production has really improved. The instruments sound a lot more clear and developed, so A+ for that, Ronnel. Their instruments, along with the vocals and even the effects, are mixed really well. I took notice in the style which is more evolved as well. Just to put it out there, the tone of 'Nel's strings really sound super similar to Meshuggah's. There...I said it. They really progressed into this chuggy mechanism that does keep good rhythm with Ronnie's drumming. You can clearly see the overall direction of this band in this record.

A more recent addition to the band is the new bassist Genesis Trinidad. A pretty good heavy stringer that really meshes with the guitar to further create the more progressive aspect of this album. A track that you can really see the syncopation of the instruments is on their instrumental track Klearance: Enter the Placebo, the Hole of Perfektion. I forgot to mention that this track along with the aid of some bits throughout the album, really like the self-titled intro, the end of Opalescence, and some of If You Are Searching For Meaning... just to name the more noticable ones, emit such atmosphere. Adding some of the clean guitar and bass, and light percussion have a nice tribal feel to it. Many bands like Gojira, Nile, Kartikeya, Rudra, Melechesh and even Dethklok have used such tribal sounds like these before. They incorporate them so in a way that Meshuggah have added in some of Fred Thordendal's melodies in songs. (Now you see why the style of this band catch my ears.)

Lastly, Earl's voice. I honestly think his cords fit the music really well. Probably because I attribute them to Jens Kidman's so much. I mean, Hateure as a whole is pretty much the Swedish giant's (Meshuggah) long-lost cousin raised in the Philippines to me. So I can really highlight Jen's monotonous, raspy yells to Earl's vocal style. Bad thing? Nah. I think Earl's voice portray's the lyrics enough.

That's about all I had to say about this release. A real good listen, especially if you're into underground international music compared to many other artists that have been popularized in the rest of the world. Especially in the Western hemisphere. Are they fresh? In terms of what elements used, not so very much. But how they infuse them really, especially coming from the Philippines which you'd think such creative musical elements would be considered here, is what you don't find around the corner. I don't. Their new direction shows incredible promise. If I didn't know better, this album done by guys no older than 10yrs. my senior have transformed Meshuggah's None into a Pinoy masterpiece. (Alright, I'll stop mentioning Meshuggah now.) Which I consider to be a very, very solid, technical, and groovy record.

A quick thing to point out with the whole globalization of media thing, I do give Hateure loads of credit for having produced their debut in their native tongue, and churning out this work ALL in great English. Album, and track titles, lyrics, all of it. Great work. Puts most of us Americans (pretty much) to shame not creating more fine music in other languages.

Bear in mind, this album is a great listen. But finding any studio material from these guys might take a little digging. I do hope that these fellas do get some good recognition in the future. Really. This is some good talent to me. Despite some of the recurring sounds that some might consider tedious to listen to from track to track, I honestly consider this album one of my favourites, and I don't see myself getting tired of listening to it anytime soon.

All in all, if any of the members do happen to read this review, (which I trust they will) mahusay na gawain, guys. Panatilihin ang ginagawa kung ano ang gusto mo.