Another British Tech band who does it right!

Visions - Home [Full-length]
July 18, 2011 - Basick Records

Visions are a band who follow a long tradition in the British Tech Metal scene: however, they must not be immediately pigeonholed in the vast movement forged by their mighty predecessors purely on the basis of their overtly complex riffs. Their originality is showcased in their album 'Home': this is a band with a penchant for juxtaposing aggression with melody by integrating chaotic vocals and elements of awe into the mix.

On listening to this debut full-length, it is apparent that this British quintet have drawn a couple of very influential moths to their flame. Those are SikTh, The Arusha Accord and some bands of their area who are a constant inspiration. There is no doubt that these names have had a huge impact on the writing skill, and the result is a pretty astounding package.

The drummer here is doing a fantastic job. The oblique changes of rhythm, the multitude of different fills and the patterns following the constant unexpected riffs of the guitars are top-notch. In fact, if you listen carefully, each band member wears their impressive technical ability like a badge of honour. At times, there’s almost too much to going on at once and the sentiment of the track gets lost a tiny bit, but direction is always restored at ease.

'Attentive:Reverie' is the perfect track to showcase their sound – a kind of tech hardcore/metal reminiscent of something Architects or Chronographs might venture into. It is divided between emotional sweeps and a throat-scouring attack behind a battering ram of guitars. All around this focal point orbits a proclivity to dip into the more progressive/djent side of things.

Like a volcanic mud bath, in its angrier moments, 'Home' has enough sulphuric passion steaming from it to speak directly to you, sending shivers up your spine as it bubbles and bursts forth from the speakers. However, not once did I lose the feeling that the band are able to create a "moment of clarity" amongst the details concocted in this album. Make no mistake, listening to this requires concentration, but it is well worth it. In short, Visions have alot of future potential: this album is just the beginning of it.


That was a really well written review. Good job.