Aviations: A Declaration of Sound

October 13, 2012 - unsigned

Aviations, a 5 piece, Berklee based metal group, released their debut album on October 13. After almost a year of intensive work, the album turned out beautifully. Each track offers something unique, yet all have the unifying quality of being written and performed by this talented group of students.

The album opens up with one of the tracks previously released as an instrumental demo titled 'Nineties Nine Ties', a track that has a furiously rhythmic presence right from the start. With the recent, yet welcome, addition of their vocalist, the song ties together beautifully, as he places just the right notes in the right spots. Followed next is the other track paired with the demo release, titled 'Voyages', driving home the fact that the band is tight in their performance of some difficult transitions.

'Arrival' moving into 'Raised Expectations' is an awesome moment on the album, because it feels like one large track, full of pounding syncopations, crazy percussion work, catchy vocals, and shifts in general feeling of the song that just beg the listener to just toss all things aside and start moshing. 'Intents in Tents' starts off with some tasty grooves, and you think to yourself “here comes the drop”, but what I like is that they instead toss some harmonies over the continuing line that dive straight into the vocals. It is just another subtle move that makes them a stand out as a group, since you never know what to expect during the track. I mean, there’s a jazz jam interlude just tossed right in the middle of the track!

The final track rounding off their declaration of sound is 'Outliers': the longest track on the record, yet it is one cohesive work, as opposed to a long jam on different riffs with some vocals tossed in. The beautiful introduction before the first verse, the power and technical prowess behind each riff, and the unexpected shifts in color make this track a beautiful way to end the album.

So many things can be said about this band. The Berklee foundation all of these players have, the drive and passion to not settle for anything ordinary, and the personalities of each player that shine through in each track make this album an awesome addition to the many great releases of 2012. You will make comparisons upon first listen, but I urge you to really think about your comparisons when listening past that initial impression. I can say that I have heard something truly unique, and I know this album will get the success it deserves. Aviations deliver a knockout punch with their first release, establishing that they are not messing around when it comes to defining their sound and what they are bringing to the table.