Chariot of The Gods: "The Korea" comes hard and heavy with their first release

January 15, 2012 - Unsigned

The Korea's long awaited release is finally here, and graciously enough for free download. I myself have taken advantage of their generosity to the music community and I suggest you do the same.

The band is able to capture many of the sounds and styles of the Djent community with this release, having all of the standards that make a djent band come together. The tone of their guitars has that unmistakable sound, akin to Uneven Structure in terms of blending ambiance with heavy hitting lower tones. Songs don't blend together like other artists' I've listened to, and it's cool to see great potential from capable players right from the start of their careers. They don't just pump out riff after riff in an attempt to confound their audience with technical know-how, but rather take the smarter approach of creating a soundscape of melodic layering paired with some catchy syncopation underneath it. Take that and have moments of great clean vocals, screams, and even saxophone, and you have an album that appeals to a wide audience. Tracks like Chaos Theory will slam the listener into a wall, bombarding their ears with some real heavy hitting sounds, detailing the band's message that they are taking their first album as far as they want to go without taking prisoners. However, tracks like Kiss for Judas lull the listener into a dream filled universe where they can immerse themselves in life's pleasures.

The Korea already have 2 full length albums and an EP under their belt, and with this 3rd full length they are implanting their mark in the music community. What else can I say but what is clear and apparent on this album: solid instruments and vocals, a well-written and diverse collection of songs, and a sound that is recognized by the metal community but easily distinguishable from the pack of other bands. Let's just say this group started 2012 on the right foot, and I'm sure they will have another wave of fans clamoring to see them signed to a label and perform live in their country.

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